Friday, June 23, 2006

Week of Firsts

Tonight was the first time I have been back to lead Celebrate Recovery since the surgery. In fact this was a whole week of firsts since the surgery. First time to drive, first time back at work (till noon each day) and last but not least I dared to walk my dog. Sierra is a real challenge. A very happy and hyper Australian Sheppard that loves other dogs. The problem is when another pooch goes trotting by she wants to go play... Right now! Thirty pounds of muscle jerking on the leash? My doc would have a heart attack. I have to take my wife Lisa with me when I walk her. She takes over when Sierra goes off to play. Sierra is one of my gaggle of girls.

Let me take a second and introduce you to my number one sweetie, my wife Lisa. Lisa and I have been together for 12 years and married for eight. I have truly been blessed to have her in my life. Talk about agape love. No reservations or conditional love here. She loves me 100% warts and all. Things I love best. Her smile, her hazely green eyes. The mischievious giggle. We share the same sick sense of humor. She's my girl.

Anyway week of firsts, leading Celebrate Recovery as always is a blast. I have to admit I kind of cheated this week. I played a testimony instead of preparing a real lesson. So next week will be the first week back to CR with a real lesson. Lisa and I led the singing tonight. We sang Enough by Chris Tomlin, Road to Recovery by the Celebrate Recovery Band, Here I am to Worship, and Blessed Be Your Name, Tre63 style. This was also the first time Lisa has helped lead the praise and worship time all the way through. (she usually gets nervous and sneaks off and sits down. LOL!) Not only are we a good team but a good duet too. It was a good night to get my feet wet again we had a light crowd. I was a little nervous and when I get nervous I talk way too fast.

With this post you got to meet two of my girls. I will be introducing the others in the coming weeks. I want to leave you with this thought and verse tonight.

Therefore, as you recieved Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted in faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. Colosians 2, 6-7

Each day for me can be a challenge. I know that I put a cheerful face on it most of the time. Fact is, some days it is hard for me to get out of bed. I have prayed and fought hard to avoid anxiety and depression during my recovery process. I have to remember each day to be thankful. My pain will go away eventually. I will heal. I can't live in the negative. Sure I was in a nasty car wreck that really screwed me up. However, thank God, that he has given man the ability to perform the surgery that fixed me.

God has used this time to make changes in me. Thirty days today and I haven't smoked. My life is becoming more organized. My future has never been brighter. One of the things I shared in group tonight. I just want to wake up and feel "normal."
Another month or so and I will.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. They have helped far more than I could help myself.




Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry,
Glad to hear you are doing so well and to meet two if your "girls." I think I told you all the people I live with are guys, my husband, two sons (one recently moved out) and a neutered male cat. I'm sure each day is a challenge for you, as it is for all of us in some way, but am sure getting back to Celebrate Recovery was big help. Thanks for mentioning my blog (and me) in your last post. Yesterday was a busy day (I had five poems accepted for publication). I keep you in my prayers. Please keep me in yours.

Larry said...

I sure will and congrats on your poems!

Whitney said...

I can totally relate to the anxiety and depression. It is no fun. I will keep you in my prayers. You will be victorious!

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