Saturday, June 3, 2006

Whats the Point?

One of my all time favorite heroes is Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book "The Purpose Driven Life". He is also the one who gave John Baker authorization to start Celebrate Recovery at SaddleBack Church 15 years ago.
I have had several moments in life where things changed for me forever for the good.

Asking Jesus into my life at eight years old.
Learning how to drive.
Meeting my wife.
My daughter Alexis was born.
Giving my life over to Christ again 2/15/03.
Reading the Purpose Driven Life

I am not including the car accident or surgery into my accounting. Out of all the life events listed, number one was accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, CEO, and Number One Accountability Partner, reading the purpose driven life was number two. Rick Warren really helped me to understand and put together exactly why I am here. The question is, do I utilize it as much as I should?

I recently read a post on a blog called The Broken Road. The title was "A Neat Little Package." The post really made me think of Purpose Driven Life.
At different times in my life I have often felt like I didn't really belong here. Like I was lost on a desert island or something.
Of course in my fantasy land brain I thought I was born in the wrong time, like Patton said he was. I didn't go as far as Shirley Maclaine and decide I had been reincarnated a bunch of times, but everything felt out of place.

Imagine when I read The Purpose Driven Life and the chapter about life being a temporary assignment. It all made perfect sense. Psalm 119, 19 says
I am here on earth for a little while.
Holy smokes! A reason for feeling that way. This is not my permanent home nor my final destination. When I am uncomfortable in my own skin, am I living as I should? Am I thinking of my real home or am I too wrapped up with earthly things?

Since reading Ellen's post I went out and purchased a new copy of The Purpose Driven Life. (I had given mine and several copies away.) This time around I am not only going to make notes like a journal but I am going to study each daily verse much more intensly. I am going to better utilize the lessons within instead of letting it lapse in memory. And yes, I am going to do the Life Purpose Statement this time around. For me Working the steps of Celebrate Recovery never stops. Neither should the lessons of Purpose Driven Life.

When life's day to day struggles weigh us down it is easy to forget why we are really here. It is easy to wallow in our own self centeredness and lose site of eternity. I am thankful for Ellen and her post. I am even more thankful for the Holy Spirit helping me recognize the significance of what I read.



Mandylea said...

Thanks I really needed to hear that.


Ellen said...

You have encouraged me to read his book. I have had a copy of it for just a brief time and read the first two chapters. Should I start over or keep trucking? Thank you again, Larry!

Larry said...

You should start over. Do one chapter a day and make notes on the daily verse and something to think about.
It really did make a difference in my life. It really puts life together for you.


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