Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Anniversery!

I wanted write about and honor someone whom I don't know very well but have been enormously enjoying her writing. Shirley Buxton and her husband Jerry are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversery this month. You may sample her work at Shirley Buxton.

How wonderful, 50 years. Do you think everyday was perfect? Probably not. You think they had a fight or two? Probably. They stuck together. Through thick and thin. Rich or poor, for better or worse. In this ADD world driven by feelings and emotion, Jerry and Shirley are a testament of what we should all aspire to in our marriages.

Congrats You two. May your next 50 be as blessed.



Shirley Buxton said...

Larry, when I booted up my computer this morning and saw a new incoming link, I came over here and read your tribute. I find myself extremely touched. What a thoughtful person you are. Thank you for this honor and for your sweet words and good wishes.

God has been extremely good to Jerry and me, and both of us hope that our blessed lives will be of some influence on other families. Our anniversary is actually the 27th, but today is the big reception our four children are hosting for us. We are all so excited.

Again, thank you for this honor. May we all be touched today by God's presence.

Larry said...

It was my pleasure! I hope your reception is terrific! I hope you get to twirl around the Dance floor to "your song". Enjoy! You deserve it.


Helen Losse said...

How thoughtful, Larry.

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