Sunday, June 11, 2006

Reality Check

Why do people insist on believing in utopia? A fairytale land of commune living, where everyone shares equally, and we will all sing kumbaya around the fire. The reality is ladies and gentleman, there is only one utopia, one place where we are all equal, and that is Heaven. Is it fair? Maybe not, is it real? Yes.

Nowhere in the entire history of the world has there ever been a perfect place. Well, one, the Garden of Eden and we all know how that turned out. Since Adam's fall the world has worked this way. The stronger, better organized culture has driven out the weaker less organized. Since Cain slew Abel this has been true. Only since the dawn of the capitalistic democratic society have we come close and even then we are so far out from perfect it is ridiculous to think so.

Why people are resentful of the society they live in is beyond me. The United States of America is the free-est on earth. Whether we have the patriot act or not. Whether The goverment has our phone records or not. I will never understand why people on the left will call conservatives nazis. This baffles me. Do these people not know what Hitler and the nazis really did? Are they that challenged? If you said one thing against ole Adolf or, if your neighbor decided you had said something about ole Adolf you would be getting a knock on your door about three in the morning, and you would never be seen again. Gone you would be, either to a ditch just outside of town where your lifeless body would be buried with lime and dirt, or to a labor camp where you would be worked to death or given a shower along with your entire family. Last I heard all the attendies of the kos convention have gone to bed safe.

How about calling christians the taliban? Do you know what the taliban were doing? Stoning women who didn't keep their bodies completely covered from head to toe. Killing women who dared to try and get an education or talked to a man who wasn't a family member. I havn't seen any women at my church being whipped with a car antenna for showing some (gasp!) ankle.

Why not try China. Where Google is forced to censor it's search engine in order to do business there or throwing people in jail for practicing a form of yoga. (Falun Gong) What about France, where it is actually illegal to say something considered hateful.

Do you know where all these freedoms come from that we enjoy so much? From all those dead white guys who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution. Guess what? None of those guys were perfect either. These freedoms that we hold so dear have enabled us to create the wonderful diverse society we live in today. A society that has created a level of wealth and knowledge unheard of in the history of the world. That is not arrogance, it is the truth. Could this wealth be better spent? Of course it could. We are human beings! We are imperfect. We are going to make a mess of everthing we touch. It is in our "sinful nature".

Why do we buy Ipods when we could feed the poor? Why do we spend so much money on cable tv, the internet, dish network, dishwashers, and cool clothes? Why not spend it on poverty, feeding the world, and getting bibles into every hand? Just like Joe Dirt says "Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? It just is." No amount of hand wringing and wishing will make the world we live in perfect. Calling names, controlling congress, fixing the environment, even stamping out terrorism will not make this world a perfect happy place. Get over yourself, enjoy what you have. Remember, our time here is miniscule compared to the eternity we get with God.

Love your God with all your might. Give it away when you can. Spread the good news and keep others in your prayers. Love your neighbor as yourself. If only wishes were fishes but they ain't. Get used to it.

One day it will be perfect but it won't be here.



Helen Losse said...

“Dead white guys”? Larry, really! That’s racist. The framers of the Constitution, et al., who were indeed white, had the time to write these great documents because there were black slaves back home making a living for them. And the civil rights movement of the 60s? Did that not gain American rights? Or don’t they count, since they were mostly about equality for black people? Perhaps not its original intent, the Patriot Act questions a citizen’s patriotism while usurping his/her rights. That’s why I oppose it.

As far as this earth is concerned, I’m a US citizen—not someone just passing through— and, as such, hope to make my country better. MLK said that “the day of the Lord is any day men decide to live together in peace.” If believing that and working toward it is what you call longing for “utopia,” then count me as one of those weird people who is living “with God” now and thinks we ought not settle for the impotent and unfair status quo. Our time on earth may be “miniscule,” but from God’s point of view it is a part of eternity. (The angels who heralded the birth of Jesus declared, “Peace on Earth.”) The US can become more nearly the place God wishes for us to live on this earth, but it will take sacrifice—it will take a sharing of the power and the wealth—mostly on the part of “living” white guys.

Larry said...
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Larry said...

Helen, I think you have pulled a Larry. Go back and put what I have written into context. You are missing my point. You are only seeing the surface without going deeper.

When I am talking about utopia I am speaking of those who would have us all share everything and live in peace and harmony. It is a nice thought but it is never going to happen.


Helen Losse said...

Maybe Larry, but I don't think so. How can you make a point that sharing and living in "peace and harmony" are bad things? Acts 2:45 says, (of those who believed) that "[they} sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men [people], as every man had need." How is that not sharing? For that matter, how is it not socialism? Or maybe you think that we don't have enough of God's power to do that? (that's a question, not an accusation)

Larry said...

Living in peace love and harmony would be a wonderful thing. It would be terrific. My inspiration for this post came from various blogs I have read over the last couple of days preaching kumbaya type things and trying to make them reality. My point is that it is nice to dream about but reality says its not going to happen. The only perfect place is Heaven. And no amount of wishing, dreaming, or having meetings is going to change that. So lets use our time energy, and our talent towards helping others and spreading the good news.


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