Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shake the Dust Off

So I've shaken the dust off the old blog. I missed this, writing. My old writing creativity coming back is a good thing. It got lost somewhere in the kitchens and floors of my old job and school. Now that I am free, I'm happy I found it again.

I am going to jump right in. For the first time in almost ten years I am looking for a job. The last six and a half years I worked in restaurant. I bartended and served my way through LeTourneau and after I graduated, I accepted a promotion to manager. Ever see one of those chick flick type movies? the ones where the title roled character suddenly finds themselves divorced or widowed and they have to get back out there? You know, on the dating circuit. They have found everything has changed since the last time they dated. Online dating is new to them. The rituals of singles have changed. Everything has become less forward and their odds of getting lucky have improved ten fold. The resulting fish out of water comedy is often hilarious as our hero finds the new person of their dreams.

I find myself in the same boat. Except I'm not dating and it isn't that hilarious. I am looking for work. Things have changed a bit since I had to pound the pavement. Now its all about Linkedin, or, networking, and emailing your resume. Sure ten years ago you emailed, but in general you went and applied for the position rather than email your resume and wait to call or be called back. Tech has changed everything for good and bad I think.

I started looking as soon as the shock wore off that I had lost my identity with my old job. I loved my job. I loved being Larry Hicks, manager of The Jalapeno Tree. I loved going to work. I loved putting in the hours. I loved the people I worked with. Then one day it was gone. One of those moments occurred where it was time to leave, and I left. When I walked off the property I promised my boss I would go quietly, with no negativity and I have held to that. But without a doubt, I had to go. It took a few days for the shock of leaving to wear off. The routine of going in at ten am and leaving sometime between 11 and 12 at night almost everyday was regimented into every fibre of my being. I carried away a pretty big bag of resentments I had to get rid of too. However, within a day or two it was hefted into the trash by the curb. Now my routine is finding a new position to steep into my bones.

I polished up my resume and sent it to several people I know and trust; My brother Craig, a headhunter for the oil and gas industry and a few restaurant managers. LifeHacker is a website I really like and I searched resume building there too. I learned my resume needed to be more specific, particularly tailored to each company I sent it to. I was also told I needed to network. Network? Networking for me was going to chamber meetings and exchanging business cards over a cocktail and dinner napkins of food. Networking now is having the properly polished Linkedin account, and having a good resume posted on or Career Builder. I really like it. I you had seen some of the finger foods I have tried you would like it too.


The application process is super streamlined as well. Instead of just showing up, filling out an application, and turning in your resume, you can apply online. This is super cool, it saves a lot of time, gas, and stomach churning waiting to see if the boss will see you for an interview. However, automation can blow you out of the water before you have a chance to be seen. In a face to face, everyone has a chance to get hired. If human resources doesn't like the format of your resume, your done.

I have built my Linkedin account, and posted my resume on Monster. I have also applied at various businesses online. So far, I have several interviews lined up for next week. With God's Grace, I will be back in the saddle working again in no time, loving what I do for someone else.                                                                  
I have enjoyed the little time off I have been blessed with. However, I have got to get back into routine again. I can't let the dust build up on me like it did on my blog.



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