Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spreading the Good News or Politics?

A cool thing happened today. I am kind of a news hound. I keep track everyday of everything that is going on everywhere in the world. Drudge Report, for the latest headlines. American Spectator, National Review and others for commentary. I love my Google Desktop because I get constant updates. There were times at work before my surgery where I would spend most of the morning reading the news. Blogging has shifted the emphasis from news to well, blogging. It can be a problem for me at times. I am however working on it. (powerless) LOL.

One of my thoughts when I started blogging was that I could cover some politics as well as recovery. I have been very suprised at the direction of my posts. Politics is not where I have been led. I believe I have done two political posts Reality Check and Ann Coulter the Left and Christians. Both were spawned from crawling other blogs and both were based on emotional reactions to the subject matter.

Helen Losse, from Windows Toward the World can relate to this, it's how we met during a spirited discussion on the Da Vinci Code over at The Bereans blog. Anyway now that I have laid some ground work I can get to the point.

I recently finished reading Rebel With a Cause. It is Franklin Graham's autobiography. In one of the chapters he spoke of his father, Billy Graham and how he preached in the Soviet Union. He said his "daddy" caught a lot of flak. It was remarked that the Soviets were using him for propaganda purposes. Billy just said, "who needs Christ more than the KGB". and kept on preaching regardless. ( I am paraphrasing.) Franklin said in his book. "To me, that was what truly mattered. Political issues would come and go. It was the gospel, the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, that would endure. That's what I wanted to talk about." The attention should always be about Christ.

It made me think about some advice John Baker, founder of Celebrate Recovery gave me. I was volunteering at a Celebrate Recovery conference in Katy, Texas almost two years ago. I had been struggling over my Narcotics Anonymous commitment versus my Celebrate Recovery commitment. I was in leadership positions with both, to the detriment of both. I asked him, what do I do? He said "Your N/A commitment is an earthly thing. Celebrate Recovery is an eternal thing. What you do here will have eternal consequences." I resigned my N/A positions the next week and never looked back.

Today I was surfing blogs that I read often and came across RightWing Agenda. The last two posts have been on homosexuality infiltrating the church. Most recently the disturbing events concerning the Episcopalian stance that homosexuality is not a sin. It is a subject that raises massive temperature levels.

An athiest responded to post in a way that immediately got my blood boiling. Remember earlier we spoke of emotional reactions? Man I cranked out a good four paragraph response to this person rebuking what was said.

I paused my writing for a second, took a breath and it hit me. This is an eternal thing. Who cares about the politics. Isn't salvation the only thing that really matters? Who cares what I think about this in the realm of the eternal. It's whether or not this person has the opportunity to hear the good news. So instead of ranting and railing, I witnessed. The chance was there to plant a seed. My hope, my prayer is that a mind may be changed, a life saved.

Something said here, a thought gleened there. Coming together for his will.

God works in all of us to His good purposes.



Jack Mercer said...

Hi Larry!

Excellent and thoughtful post. I have blogged and spoken concerning Christian "activism" and my conclusion is always the same--it is a waste of time(I Christians would devote as much time to curing the diseas-preaching the Gospel--as they do to fighting its symptoms--activism--we would see progress). To change a world you must first change a heart, and the only one that can do that is the Son of God. Education, prosperity, health--none of these things make a person a better one--only the growth of the Holy Spirit in one's life.

As you know, I have several 'blogs--one political(The News Snipet), one for my class at church(The Bereans), and one where I store videos( I have long been interested and involved in politics, but find at my ripe old age that human government is as failed an institution as humanity is.

While I still love to present a thought provoking article or discuss a particularly intricate political problem, my realization is that all political systems are working towards what God has in his divine plan. Revelation will happen, the Beast (World government) will come to his fullness, and Armageddon will end it all.

Till is educational and often fun to discuss these issues, but as you said, all that really matters is our lives being lived to the glory of our Lord and the offering of the Gospel to those who are without.

It is good that the Lord has revealed this to you at your young age--at least you won't have wasted as much of God's time as I have. :)

God bless,


Larry said...

Thanks Jack, It took a long time to get here. I enjoy all of your blogs. How do you keep up with all of them?


Jack Mercer said...

10 minute breaks, lunch time--some time in the eve's and weekends.

Its something I enjoy--as it has educational to me. I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers and enjoy the dialogue!

Trust your back is doing better?


Larry said...

Good days and bad. Learning my tire limits. I can drive again. I over do it a lot. I don't gradually get tired. I go from feeling ok to just exhausted. Makes it hard to gage when to stop. LOL

Thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

I have done extensive research on AA because my hubby and his family are in it.If he doesnt get out of it ,it wont be long before I'm a single mom and hell be recovering from a divorce.In fact since starting recovery my hubby has turned into a blob with no personality,hes a programmed robot.Celebrate recovery is nothing more than the AA cult repackaged with a christian stamp on it.Many think that Bill wilson was a christian .If you read his biography he boasts that he was involved in the occult and wrote the 12 steps while in a trance and speaking to a "dead bishop".Celebrate recovery twists scripture and is LOADED with unbiblical psycho babble.The recovery movement has become the churches latest vice,self help books are flying off of shelves in record numbers while the bible sits on the shelf.Christian psychologist is like saying christian wiccan.Dr.Dobson has been caught multiple times in bold faced lies over the vaccine issue.He denys that aborted fetal tissue is used in the production of vaccines when it goes on all the time.He is more concerned with protecting his profession.AA,celebrate recovery,christian psychologists,its all heresy.The only thing addicts need is an evening with Bob Larson.Jesus didnt sent the crazy man to a recovery group,he delivered him on the spot.

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