Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Ann Coulter, The Left, and Christians

Ann Coulter, The Left and Christians. What is going on today? The blogosphere is all abuzz with Ann Coulter going head to head with Matt Lauer about the 911 widows. As a Christian I am utterly disgusted with the rancor on both sides. Does everything these days have to be politicized? Is nothing sacred?

First, the elevation of the 911 "widows" to foreign policy experts is completely unfounded. Their status has been raised by a media in this country that has gone mad with its own self importance. The one term Rush Limbaugh coined that is absolutley perfect. Drive By Media. They do this type of thing to everyone. The widows are being used to promote a political agenda. It's not their fault, if you stick a microphone in someones face enough they are going to answer what ever question you give them.
But, just because you are related to someone who died in a tragedy does not make you an expert in foreign policy, terrorism, or anything else.

This leads us to Ann Coulter. "I have never seen people enjoying their husbands death so much." she says of the 911 widows. Enough is enough! I say Shame on you for saying such a thing in public much less on the airwaves.

Now to the hypocrytical left. I won't repeat what they have been calling Ann or any other conservative. They accuse people of spewing hatred and bile, yet every other word they use seems to be the lowest of the low in profanity to describe people who don't agree with their political preference. Shame on you too.

Is open debate no longer allowed in this country? Can we no longer discuss the issues without screaming at each other? Is everything so life and death that each minor thing has to be gnawed over like a worn dog bone? Do we have no basis or common ground with each other anymore? Do we always have to see the differences not the similarities?

Christians don't get a pass either. A recent survey not too long ago stated that 80% of Americans believe in God. You could have sure fooled me. The number one commandment that Jesus gives us is to "love your God with all your might." and to "love your neighbor as yourself." What are we in this country if not neighbors. The bible also exhorts us to love our enemies, to pray for them. Jesus tells us to "present the other cheek." People love to insult christians. No wonder, the way some have been acting, from Jerry Falwell to Pat Robertson and all the ones in between. We should be praying and sharing the good news, not joining in on the slugfest of insults and anger. Love is the great commandment, not you slimy piece of filth and flarn and flarn and filth. Gotta love Bill Cosby.

Cool Down! We are all Americans! We are all different people! We are not always going to agree with each other about some major stuff! Thats OK!

Ugly American doesn't only apply overseas. It starts right here at home.



Helen Losse said...

Preach!!! You tell it like it is.

Linda (aka Lou) said...

Larry, beautifully written. I like that you aren't giving anyone a free pass on this one!

Hang in there with the surgery bit. It takes a while to rebound from that. Don't push anything. Tincture of time is the best medicine!

For the kingdom,

Linda (the nurse)

Mandylea said...

got your post on my site....thanks for the encouragement....hope you are doing well.


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