Friday, September 28, 2007

End of an Era

There is a moment in life where you can't do certain things anymore.

Like a glued together pixie stick some things hang by a thread.

My wife and I took our family to dollar night at the East Texas State Fair. All my girls from smallest to tallest went with us.

The smell of exotic fair foods wafted like fingers beckoning a stranger to some mysterious delight. Gigantic turkey legs, sausage on a stick, cajun boudin, and funnel cakes were devoured by the hungry mob walking purposfully towards the next ride. The girl's eyes were huge taking in the whirling dervish of lights illuminating the fair.

I knew the tilta-whirl would most likely make me loopy and nauseous, it did not disapoint. Eyes glued to my kids, the ride couldn't stop fast enough. Bow-legs trembling like rubberbands we spun off to the next torture device.

Alexis wanted to ride the Orbiter, a maniacal contraption designed to spin, toss, and hurl you into space. Believing myself superman like Lexie and I boarded the ride. The carny pulled the lever and away we went. Horizontaly spinning along the axis, pulling up vertically, and spinning like a cat in a washing machine. I realized my mistake.

There's a reason signs are posted stating pregnant women, people with heart problems, and you guessed it, back injuries shouldn't ride this ride. I figured I was healed and I am, however the g- forces of the ride threatened to pull all of that titanium out of my back. I dug my heels in to hold myself steady, my spine went the other way. It was a petulant child trying to get to the animal machine at Walmart.

I had figured those signs were just legal disclaimers. They mean what they say. Thank God all that beautiful work didn't become undone. My advice? Pay heed to the signs, else you end up next to the bearded lady and the guy who guesses your weight.

The man with the flying spine could make some bucks.

You think?

I'm going to miss roller coasters.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Toe Bactrim Blues


Ever hurt yourself badly enough that all common sense goes out the window? The kind of hurt that transcends reality?

The devil really uses that eh? After that toolbox drawer fell four feet onto my big toe I let out a string of bad words that you wouldn't believe.

My toe bled a lot and It split the toe-nail in half. Luckily it didn't break and no stitches were required.

Beautiful experience, a trip to the ER. (where's Lou when you need her?) We waited 30 minutes to be triaged, throb throb. Then 45 minutes to go back to room six, throb, throb, burn. 15 minutes to be X-rayed. Then the piece' de resistance a 20 minute soak in some freezing betadine.

I got a wooden shoe, bandages, a scrip for bactrim and a nice limp, oh did mention no school or work today?

Right, no school, playing ketchup. The bactrim is chewing up my stomach. I really thought about writing a song about the whole experience.

(to the tune of your favorite blues song)

I've got the big toe bactrum blues!

Pulled out the drawer
fell on my toes
all full of tools
what pain! and off we goes

I've got the big toe bactrim blues!

I get to the back
I get an x-ray
nothing broken! Hey uh heyyyy!

I've got the big toe bactrim blues!

The nurse scrubbed my toes
in beta-dine
it was so cold!
I lost my mind

I've got the big toe bactrim blues

I got a wooden shoe so i could go home
No bending my toes
gotta get my scrip, bactrim baby!
My stomach is ripped

I've got the big toe bactrim blues

My woman left me! Toe looked so black
She couldn't take it, she lit out for Hackensack
Heya heyyy!

I've got the big toe bactrim blues

(wife didn't really leave, she has done a good job of taking care of me!
no pain pills were involved in the writing of this song)

Thank you and Goodnight!


Friday, September 14, 2007


Jesus said, we are to love one another. Therefore like Him we must serve one another.

If you have a servants heart it is pretty easy to serve at church, school and the community.

What about at home?

Sadly, I find myself lacking in this department. Remember the post I shared about being selfish?

Selfish with time, and labor for the most importants in my life. I have gotten better but there is still room for improvement especially since there are nine of us living together in a cracker box.

My wife works all day comes home and finds herself having to do things she shouldn't have to. Where am I? Not picking up the slack as I should.

I am commited to fixing it.

I start out with a bang but I find my staying power stinks. I pray for the discipline to maintain the "surge".

Home is where the heart is.

Keep it sacred


Monday, September 10, 2007

Blah Blah Blah!

Let me preface this post.

This is not I repeat not a bipolar rant! No slide down the ramp here today.

I have the don'ts today. I'll admit it I lollygagged on my homework this weekend and had to stay up late last night to get it done. Got to bed around two am.

The days of me staying up late to do work are gone. I cannot afford to slack.

I am too tired today.

Things that happen when I am tired.
1. Discipline is a real chore. (focus)
2. Yawning way too much.
3. I get touchy, little emotional things become big emotional things.
4. Due to number three I put my wall up. (safety)

I am still adjusting to school and the move. I have not really connected with any friends here yet. It is difficult, I don't live on campus and working prohibits coming to evening events. Sitting alone in chapel and lunch gets tedious after awhile. That's ok though, God knows where I am at and He will provide when it is time.

On the Home Front we joined a church. Compared to First Baptist Atascocita this place is huge. God is really working there.

Friendly Baptist Church, the pastor is wonderful and the folks there are well, Friendly. I will get plugged in as quick as I can.

I also miss my "band of brothers", my best friends whom I have been through the wars with. Talking on the phone isn't the same as hanging out.

See, told you I was touchy.

What are blogs for.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Incarnational Ministry

School is really incredible. I get to learn and be spritually fed at the same time. I have already learned new concepts in ministry that just boggle my mind.

Incarnational ministry is nothing new. I have had snippets of the concept, and in the back of my head had it rolling around but could never make it cohesive. It is still rambling around up there and always will be.

My thoughts so far on what I have learned. Incarnational ministry is what Jesus did. The word becoming flesh. Jesus basically went to the people, he met them where and how they lived.

This is what we should be practicing today except we wall ourselves in to our churches and do "outreach", which is good but, not enough. We are essentially building walls around our comfort zones.

We go to church get our worship and lesson time. Maybe we go wednesday night and have food, fellowship, and fun. We tend to each other's needs spiritually and physically. What about the rest of the world?

Remember, my thinking on this is in the infant stage, and nothing I am saying here is new. I am fleshing out my thoughts. Some of you will say, cool! I never thought of this and some of you will go DUH!

Most churches I have attended or seen operate on a build it or lose it principle. There is always expansion. They construct new gyms, worship centers, nurseries or kidzones. These things are cool and they show that christians can fellowship and have fun outside of this nutty sinful world. However, how does this satisfy the great commandment?

I have no idea. I haven't gotten to that class yet.

Celebrate Recovery is the same. We post flyers, get in the newspapers have events but we are still drawing people not going to them. CR prison ministries do just that but for a lot of local churches it is attraction that brings folks in. Sometimes people bring friends, and we get to fellowship in small groups about our hurts habits and hang-ups. How does this "take it to the streets like Jesus did?

I am not speaking of missions overseas. Most of these brave, called individuals are trained to go amongst the people and cultures of where they are at. (did I just use the word amongst?)

What about here in the great USA?

How do we get to that guy who goes to work, comes home, and plops down in front of the Tv or X-Box? He never sees the light of day.

What about the lost woman who's reason for living is to find companionship that never works out, or the lost who know they aren't, living right but have no idea of an alternative other than Oprah, or Dr. Phil.

It is a culture of self, they see nothing but what is in front of their faces. There is no hope. I know because I lived like this for years. Finding solace in the party that never satisfies.

How do we take it to them?


Monday, September 3, 2007

Computer Lab

Guess where I am? School between classes. Coming to you almost live from a computer lab deep inside Letourneau University.

Very cool eh?

I am making some adjustments to font and color. I have never really flirted with this.

I am trying to make Hallelujahs easier to read.

Pray for Mrs. Norma today. She may have had a stroke or heart attack this morning.



Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Bipolar Roller Coaster

After a carefull review of my blog posts I have discovered a few things.
1. Some of it is pretty good writing.
2. Could I possibly be anymore bipolar?
3. How about co-dependent?
Now I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but why didn't you guys diagnose this for me?
How many times did I post with, "sorry I havn't posted for a while things have been stressfull". "I have been busy".
Oh my gosh and then the old, I am finally in God's will, my heart is on fire for my mission again. IE: Top of the roller coaster. Followed by I think I am dying. The bottom.
Man, I hit bottom quick too.
I'm making a promise that will probably be broken. No more I'm king of the hill ma!
No more Titanic sayings "I'm king of the world!"
Let's get to the good stuff shall we? I love school! It is a true blessing from God. I have never felt so at peace in my entire life. No anxiety, no depression, no fear.
Whatever happens happens.
I am so blessed to have this opportunity. No way am I taking this for granted.
I have waited for a while to say that. I didn't want this to be a repeat of past posts.
Up, do you hear the clanking of the cars going up the chain?
Feel the pause before the bottom drops out?
The rushing of the wind as you hit the drop?
That is how my brain has worked for as long as I can remember.
Cool revelation, one of my assignments in english comp is to set up a blog here on blogger. I am already ahead of the curve eh?
Let me know if I start to get whiny again... The only thing I may whine about is homework.
Even then it is such a blessing I may not.

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