Thursday, June 8, 2006

Something to Think About

Jeeze, midnight again. I have been really working on going to bed earlier but I just can't do it. Especially since I slept till 2:30pm today. I had bad nerve pain this morning when I woke up, bad enough to take a flexeril. It blows my mind that a tiny little pill like that can completely suck my will to live. I wake up crazy eyed from it. Sad things is, I can't cut it in half, too small. I hate taking them. So you know it is bad if I do.

Anyway, I was having bloggers block and surfing Technorati in search of something to comment on and came across (I will credit the blog that linked to the article) Being free. The article is called "What Evangelicals Have Done to Sin"

This is something I am really going to have to think about. Besides using a lot of really big words, the gist of what I got from the article is, yes we sin on an individual basis but what do we do about societies sins? In other words lust is a sin but we will watch Sunday football games and ogle the cheerleeders thereby promoting lust. We will give an offering to help the needy at our church, yet do nothing personally to help poverty stricken people in a societal way. These examples are really lame, I am still digesting what I read. I am not sure how much of this article I agree with but, it has made my cogs start turning. Check it out and tell me what you think. Check out Being Free while you are at it.

I am also going to leave you tonight with Rick Warren's Starbucks coffee cup quote.

By the way, Haven't smoked in two and a half weeks!



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