Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have a bad habit. If I find a Texas Highways magazine, and it isn't nailed down, I sneakily abscond with it as quickly as I can. Texas Highways is the "official" travel magazine of Texas. Each issue takes the reader from one end of our state to another, highlighting eateries, honky-tonks, museums, parks, and anything of historical interest. Fortunately, I don't find them very often. This magazine triggers my insatiable wanderlust, the restlessness of my Scotch-Irish heritage. 

I can't help it. The open road beckons with nooks and crannies of old buildings, diners, rolling hills, and twisty curves. The desire to be somewhere I haven't been is overwhelming. Sadly, its what led me down to South Texas where I had my accident. There isn't a day I don't thank God that I can still wiggle my toes. I need to blog it but its hard to revisit, at least to write about. So, for now Doctors, lock up your Texas Highways if I have an appointment, and the road? I miss you and will be back soon.


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