Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been thinking this morning.

I know, dangerous eh?

Some of you can smell the smoke coming from my ears.

My family and I are headed off to church today for the first time in a month two.

Before the gasps and the judgment, let me explain.

When my family and I came to the Tyler, Texas, area for me to start school I was on a high. I was Mr. Recovery, Mr. Church, Mr. on his way to become a pastor by going to University.

Did I act this way? Nope. In true passive aggressive fashion when I did not recieve the welcome I felt I deserved I backed off. Kept my toe in like the co-dependent I am and ran like a scared rabbit the first chance I got.

Throw in my bi-polar, self-esteem issues and I had effectively isolated myself like a smoker in California.

School and my Job were different. I had to be there everyday. The longer I have stayed the more friends I have made. (ugh, I didn't mean to rhyme.)

So we are off to church today.

With true broken humility.

I might even wear a tie.


PS. A few changes, I have created another blog, Nausea. I havn't felt right posting worldly stuff on Hallelujahs. News, politics, etc. Please check it out. Helen, I will be disapointed if you don't call me on my stuff over there, You can reach it here.

Fellow bloggers, if you would like a link posted on the new blog let me know. Since its orientation is different than Hallelujahs I wanted to ask first.

Love you guys


Friday, January 11, 2008

Israel 2008

I have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime! As many of you know I am studying Christian Ministry at LeTourneau University to become a pastor. My future goal is to follow where the Lord leads me, and reach out to the poor, marginalized, and addicted.

I have been offered a slot in a class called physical settings of the Bible, a ten day trip to Israel that counts for three hours of upper Bible credit, and will be a wonderful addition to my education. It will give me a better understanding of how great our God is by walking in His very footsteps.
As my Biblical Department head Dr. Scott Hummel told me “I hope you will be able to travel with me to Israel in May. It will revolutionize your understanding of the Bible, and it will be a trip of a lifetime.”

This will be no picnic joyride. Our group will be gone for ten days. From early
dawn until late night we will tour Galilee, Jerusalem, Beershiva, En Gedi, Gath, Capernaum, and many more places.
Dr. Hummel and our guide Mishi have promised “we will wear you out.” Journals and research paper progress must be turned in daily. In addition, each class member will be required to do an onsite presentation before the entire troup of students, guides, and professors (intimidating to say the least!)

I need your help.
Financial aid is helping to pay a portion of the cost but as a college student soon to be working another job, I am not making the money I used to. Please consider sponsoring me for this trip. The total cost is $3299, this includes airfare, travel in Israel, tips, hotels, three meals a day, and entrance fees.
I am seeking Sponsors who would be willing to contribute $100 to $200 dollars towards this wonderful educational experience of a lifetime, yet any amount will suffice.
The benefits are unimaginable and will contribute mightily to my call to ministry.

Please pray, to see, feel, and hear whether you are led to help out.
All funds must be received by January 28.
Checks should be made out to LeTourneau University with my name and Israel in the "for" section. Please note whether you would like your contribution to be tax-deductible. Please send checks to.

LETU/Larry Hicks
Po Box 7001 #1876
Longview, Texas 75607

Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you.

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