Monday, March 31, 2008


Oh, My, Gosh
Can there be any bigger pain in the butt than College Algebra?

If anybody would like a moniter with pencil stuck through it please let me know.

Ebay might take it as an oddity, maybe I could market t-shirt pictures of it.


When I get through this it will only be to God's Glory.

There is no way I am getting through this on my own.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Again

Oh man, what an awesome day. Seventy something degrees, the wind gusting to twenty miles per-hour, and crystal clear sunshine on a poofy cloud day.

I to want walk barefoot in the fresh grass, and just sit with the sun in my face.

I praise God for the life giving sunshine and the renewing of my spirit.

Each year there comes a time for me when when I realize, winter is over, Spring is here, and there is no more seasonal depression.

Winter gives me the blahs.

Like electroshock therapy, last year's traumas are magically wiped away. Fortunately. I get to retain most of my personality.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sadly, I have been tackeled by a bad case of writers block lately. No amount of strain on my brain has allowed me to post anything.

This has been increasingly detrimental to my educational career. I have just been able to pull enough text out of my grey matter to get by.

Spring break was a great experience for me. I was able to go on my first mission trip. Nine of us set out from the LeTourneau campus for the red dust giant, canyon country of North-Western Arizona.

Our mission was to repair some plumbing for the bathrooms on the church propertyand to sand and revarnish twenty-one pews.

We were blessed to spend time with the Navajo. Each day we were up with the sun, as it would curiously peek its head up over the mesas.

The group I traveled with were a great bunch of people. All were 21 and under except for the faculty advisor who had me by six years. (I wasn't the oldest!)

I was struck by two things while gone.

Those who know me best understand that I am just a hyper guy; pretty much spastic.

The Navajo we met were so calm.

Arizona time is slow time. Church property is fast time. The church is one hour ahead. The state does not recognize daylight savings time, but the church does.

The culture of the Navajo is so simplistic. Everything is what it is. I don't think I can properly put it into words. They are a beautiful minded society.

The kids I traveled with were so awesome. They were smart, funny, and serious about their commitment to Jesus. There was a true light shining from each of them, untainted, or jaded yet by the world around them. I felt a joy as my personal cynicism melted while I was gone.

I found myself wanting to be untarnished by the world, and for a while, in that moment my childlike purity returned.

I'll never forget that.


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