Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Weary but Blessed

What a day.
I am glad it is almost over. I am sitting on the back patio listening to the wind blow through the trees. We have a cold front coming through and we are supposed to have severe thunderstorms tonight. Its amazing to me how sometimes my days can be like the weather. Peaceful and calm now, but earlier frantic, fearful and scattered. Thunderstorms here in Texas are like that. A cool breeze, wind chimes clanging softly and the next thing you know crashing thunder, sideways rain and huge gusts of wind that rattle the windows.

I would like to thank redeemed for leading me to her blog. I get so caught up in my own pain and suffering, that I forget that others are dealing with things much worse than me. I forget the suffering Christ endured. What must it have been like for him? For Paul? for all of the early Christians who were ridiculed, persecuted and killed. Suddenly my lot doesn't seem so bad. To think that they not only endured such things but they continued to carry the "Good News" to as many as they could.

So tonight I will give thanks for what I have, pain and all. I am so fortunate to have the things God has blessed me with. My loving wife, all my girls and my goofy dog Sierra. You know its a cliche but my worst day now doesn't even come close to my best day before I found Christ again. So I may be weary but I am truly blessed.

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Redeemed said...

Thank You! I just started my blog about a month ago and was beginning to think that it wasn't making a difference. It is so awesome to hear from someone who the site has touched in some small way. All of the glory goes to God, I thank Him everyday for allowing me to be a vessel for Him to work through. You have no idea how awsome this makes me feel and I have a newfound encouragement that I had almost lost. Only God could have made our paths cross like this.

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