Friday, May 12, 2006

Hallelujah For the Gum

Hallelujah for the gum. Nicorette Gum to be exact. Yes today was the day for me to quit smoking. There are several reasons for this. None for why you would think. I have been smoking since I was 12 years old. In the last three years I have quit 2 times for more than a month. I have always kept lighting back up for various exuses. Notice I said excuses not reasons. Anyway long story short, One, It makes me nervous to be going under anesthesia as a smoker. I want to wake up after the surgery. Two, because of the nature of my surgery, disc-fusion, smoker's fusions have a higher rate of not healing. This is such an addict way of thinking. Don't quit cause smoking is bad for you, quit so your back will heal... I did smoke this morning what I thought, was the last cigarette I had and because of the gum really had a good day. I didn't get grouchy and snap my wife's head off and the physical withdrawal pain never manifested, so far so good. But I messed up this evening. I was grabbing an empty pack out of the back seat of the car to throw it away and, would you believe there were three cigarettes in it? Of course I didn't chunk-em I left them there. Tonight I went out to the car and lit one up. I took about three drags, gagged and tossed it away, then threw the rest in the sewer. So as I write my gum is parked between my cheek and gum and I feel fine.. As I said in the beginning, Hallelujah for the gum.


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