Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Awake at Last!

Finally! I actually feel like writing again. I have tried to do this over the last few days but... I would get the computer up, start typing, and nothing made sense.. LOL I don't know if it was fumble fingers from the nerves or crosseyed-ness (hows that for a word) from my medication. I will just say both for now.
It has now been eight days since my surgery on my lower back. I am feeling fine. I want to thank every single person who has prayed for my safety and recovery. I needed the prayers. Not just the day of the surgery but my first day home without morphine. The first morning I woke up in my own bed my thoughts were WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, THIS HURTS!! I will give a more detailed account of my day to day since the surgery on another post.
It is amazing to me the people whom God has placed in my life. Who like and love me for who I am. I no longer have to put on airs. I don't have to act a certain way or be something I'm not. That was one of the greatest gifts I discovered since I have been down. The people who sent me a card, or came to see me in the hospital know me for me! In my own mind I am a goofy good hearted guy who wants the best for everybody. Now translating that to the outside world is an entirely different story! I make a lot of mistakes. I offend people by running my mouth before thinking. You know what though? as long as we are taking a daily inventory and sincerely make amends where they are needed thats ok!! It took me a long time in my life to get to where I could say that. Can we say good-bye codependency?

I wish.

I didn't mean to go off this way today. I just meant to come out and say Thanks for all the support. I think it's cool how this blog has turned out. My posts have been nothing like I thought they would be. It is wonderful how God moves us.



Helen Losse said...

You go, Larry! So glad you're feeling better.

Mandylea said...

Dittos to Helen Losse's comments. I was wondering though, in Stuck in Slow Motion, you talk about making amends with someone. I was wondering where you are on that. If you don't want to answer here, email me at lifetimeontheride@comcast.net


Larry said...

Still a work in progress. My goal is too complete them in the next two months or so. Thanks for keeping me accountable. LOL


Helen Losse said...


Larry and I cleared up "getting off on the wrong foot" in less than half a day. He's cool.

Jack said...

Hi Larry!

Glad you're convelescing well!

Keep us posted on your progress and therapy.


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