Sunday, May 14, 2006


We had a blast yesterday. I had promised my daughter, Lexie, that I would take her to do something fun before my surgery. She picked Splashtown, A SixFlags water theme park in Spring, Texas. I allowed her to bring two friends, Whitney and Sara. I have to say if you are going to go to a park like this... Bring some bucks. Luckily I found a coupon on the Internet that brought the entry fee to $21.99 per person. The normal price is $34.99. Parking is ten dollars and renting a locker is nine. Needless to say the food is even more outrageous. A small dipping dots ice cream is five bucks. So we didn't eat big, we snacked and bought Mcdonalds on the way home.

What fun the slides were. The first one we hit is what I call, the toilet bowl. You drop in from a tube and slowly go round and round the bowl until it unceremoniously dumps you into the pool. They have two types one is open and the other closed. We slid down the open one. So everybody gets to see you swirl round and round. Make sure your swimsuit is on tight! The next slide was the Texas Tower. I think thats the name, It is a five story slide that drops you straight down. I couldn't ride this one (my back) but Sara did. Major tip for this one. It will give you a major underwear over the head wedgie. Sara was picking her seat for the rest of the day. The Space slide is another five story monstrosity except you slide down it on a tube. After climbing up alllll the stairs there are three tubes down the slide to choose from. Once launched, darkness envelops you as you twist and turn all the way to the bottom where you shoot out into the waiting pool. The water was freezing! Of course they have all the little things that make the park fun. The rope swing, shotgun falls, tons of kiddie pools and waterfalls. For the amount of money the park rakes in they need to maintain the place better. A lot of the bridges had loose boards. Stairs were wobbly. Most of the Machinery for slides was visible. The life guards were good- natured and added to the over all experience. Splashtown's hours are 11:00am to 6:00 pm. As much as it costs, they ought to be open till eight. I was glad however, they closed at six. I was exhausted. Chasing after three kids will wear you out! Despite the cost the day was absolutely worth it. Driving home I asked Lexie what her favorite part of the park was she said, "Hanging out with my daddy."
Totally Worth it.


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