Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Follies Part 2

I have seen this picture all day.
On the internet, the local paper and tv.
Seems like everywhere I turn, there it is.
Had no idea what it was about.

Evidently the guy on the left is some kind of soccer bad boy, Zildane Matteratti?. (hope I spelled it right.) Anyway, I was surfing Technorati tonight, and saw the picture again. So I clicked on it and was brought to this to this site. The title of the post was "The Headbutt Heard Round the World". The post included a video of the event which is in french.

I decided to share with you my analysis.

Dude on the right was talking a little trash to the dude on the left, Zildane. This makes him not so happy. They move up field like everything is just dandy. Zildane then sneakily but forcefully headbutts dude in the chest. LOL! no kidding. Smacks the guy right in the pecs with his head. He really laid this guy out. What cracked me up was the totally underhanded way he did it.

Watch the video, Zildane continues playing, everything is normal and then BAM! he lunges right into him. I'm not going going to stereo-type the french but I thought this was pretty lame.

Let me put this into context for you. Imagine a batter in a baseball game brushed back or hit by a pitch. He takes his base like normal, not charging the mound. He ends up on second base and then charges the pitcher from behind, knocking him to the ground. Be a good sport for crying out loud. If the guy said something about your mother or your country be up front about it. Defend your honor, don't be sneaky. This would be a bench clearing brawl at an Astros'/Cubs game.

It just goes to show, I know nothing about soccer. "Thats right Larry!" you say. "Can't appreciate it if you don't understand it." I just don't think thats true. I don't have a clue about hockey but I like watching it. Go figure.



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