Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I am pooped. It has been a long day.
My family owns a small insurance agency here in Humble, Texas, in the Houston area. Dad has been in the business for over thirty years. Me? A drop in the bucket but getting better. I have been working for dad almost four years. I manage all of our group major medical accounts. I am also responsible for bringing in new clients. I go out and try to bring home at least two new applications (insurance policies) a day. That is my goal. It is more complicated than that but I can't get more detailed without mentioning the companies I represent. (legal issues and stuff) Suffice it to say I sell great products that really help folks.

Before the surgery I had a problem with consistency. I get a base salary plus commision, and each new policy I sell gives me some up front cash and additional monthly income. Pre-surgery I would hustle and sell a bunch at a time, then slack off. Bunch at a time, slack off. On agan then off again etc. Paying the bills was as inconsistant as the commission checks. This is not good. It gets you behind. It also activates my wife's security gland. For those of you not familiar with this part of the female anatomy, it is right beside her heart. It goes spastic when money gets tight and the bills are late.

So part of the new me back at work is consistency. I want to make my wife feel secure and happy. I also love our new house we are moving into. I don't want to feel overwhelmed. I don't want to have to worry about moolah! Period. Plus God wants me to manage my gifts better.

Anyway, I'm not sure where I was going with this. I started this post to whine about how tired I am tonight. Ha! See? I can't even whine anymore without making a point about something.

Thank God for my Life. It is so cool. I can't wait to see whats next.



Whitney said...

You are so right. Consistency is key. I'm learning much from your recovery as I experience my recovery. It is great to "hear" your insight and know that we just have to go at the pace God sets for us. But, we have to stay dedicated to our healing, ourselves and our families. Sounds like you've got that straight! And, it is very cool to think about what He has in store for us next. Take care.

P.S. I'm pooped too and it is only 9:45 AM here!

Jack Mercer said...

Amazing how much we teach ourselves if we only stop to listen! :)

I surprise myself sometime too, Larry.


Helen Losse said...

When I was writing my thesis, I told my advisor I had been working hard. He said, "Helen, don't work hard. Work steady." That's what I try to do, work steady.

Anonymous said...

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ellen said...


What an important lesson - I love your honesty. I am sitting here procrastinating over the final touches for a picnic we are having tonight. There is a question on a personality inventory "do you work to deadlines or work steady" - I have always worked to deadlines and it stresses me to no end.

Peace brother!

Larry said...

In the past I always waited till the last minute, then had to stay up all night to get it finished. Procrastination. Since the surgury I am trying to be steady eddy. It may be boring but, thats ok. In recovery I have learned not to be too high or too low but right in the middle.

I pretty much stay just above the middle line.

Thanks to all of you for your excellent comments.


Anonymous said...

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