Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Survived!

Two years in a row! I have managed to survive. Two years in a row!
As I have said before, I am surrounded by girls. Seven in all. Even our pets are female!

Saturday was my daughter's Ninth birthday party. The Second one I have survived! What makes these last two parties so dangerous you ask?

Last year we continued on with my wife's tradition of having a slumber party each year for Lexie's birthday. My wife Lisa, (who really should plan parties for a living) always has tons of games planned to keep the girls occupied. On Lex's eighth birthday she invited twelve girls to stay over for her party. Lisa cooked up tons of games. Girlie games. Tie the ribbons to the flip-flops, pinata, princess wands etc. Now usually I am the police, the man who keeps the kids from getting too obnoxius and getting into things they shouldn't. IE, staying out of mom and dads bedroom, keeping the peace, and pulling the rope on the pinata. Last year this changed.

My wife invented a new game, based on the hit series American Idol. The contest was judged on two parts, dancing and singing. Other than that Lisa really didn't have it figured out. She was going to play it by ear that fateful Saturday night. Little did I know my bystander days were over forever.

My stepdaughter, Tara, was nine months pregnant with her now one year old daughter Madelyn Brook Juliano. Maddie decided Saturday night was her big coming out party!.

So, guess where my wife went? Guess who was now in charge of 12 girls ages six to ten? You got it, ME!! DUN DUN DAAAA! (pretend it's dramatic music)

Yes thats right me. I go from bystander, protecter of the bedroom to, The man! I must say, everything went off quite well. We played all the games my wife had created. Mall scavenger hunt, princess, team flip-flop ribbon putter onner etc. Only one hitch, I had no idea how to do the American Idol contest. Lex, was upset. Of course we had had soo much fun doing everything else. One thing was missing and it was all she could focus on. I had to think of someway to make it right. And Quickly.

Between you and I, a legend was born that night. A hero and character so profound the land of birthday celebrations will never, ever, be the same. American Idol did go on that night and it was a smashing success. We even had a host. Alas Ryan Secrest couldn't make it. So we had to make do with his goofy english brother.


Yes, Ryan's mentally challenged lounge singing English brother, Mr. Corky arrived to save the day. Corky hosted birthday American Idol. Last year 12 girls competed and only one was crowned. Corky saved the day!

This year was a bit different. With the move to the new house, and us being a bit dislocated we couldn't have as many girls, we had only six but Mr. Corky made it just as fun.

And yes, I did survive to tell the tale.

Till Next Year.




Helen Losse said...

Wow, Larry, Sounds like this week is crazy busy for you. Thinking of you and hope all is well. Glad your daughter's party was such a success.

Mandylea said...

I believe that anyone male can become a father, but only real men deserve the title of Daddy. Larry, my friend, you have earned that title. Way to go!!!


Shirley Buxton said...

You deserve a metal: I believe all your WordPress friends will join with me in pinning one on your brave and manly chest. :)

Your new house is beautiful.

Larry said...

Thank you, thank you. She's my sweetie. I really would do anything for my sweetie.

I'll post a pic of the new house from the outside.


Tena said...

Larry, what a wonderful story. You have a huge heart and I can feel the love you have for your family.

God bless you!


ellen said...

Wow - what an amazing gift of love on your part. Your stepdaughters are blessed to have you in their lives. Love the new digs!


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