Saturday, July 1, 2006


Got my laptop back. Thought I lost it all. Pictures, music, all kinds of workfiles. A big chunk of my life. It is interesting how computers have become a bit like giant scrapbooks eh? Or maybe like that old closet in your house. You know, where your mom kept keepsakes, pictures and so on. The difference is a fire or flood would take out those memories. With a computer, a virus or a fragmented hard drive will do it. Now I have a choice I can back it up to keep it safe, but just like that closet you kinda forget it's there. Till something bad happens. Then you get that sick feeling. What was I thinking? Next time I get some extra cash? External hard drive. Let the backing up begin.

Thats the way I felt, before I came back to Jesus. Defragmented, lost. A big chunk of my life gone. I didn't know what hope was to know I didn't have any. Lost in a world of guilt and shame over my drug use. Not knowing or thinking how to stop the cycle. Luckily, like my laptop I didn't just stop. I didn't go to jail, hospital, or morg. A little voice told me it was time. God put the pieces back together. Not all at once but when He knew I was ready.



Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry,
Glad you got your computer back up. And yes, backing up is important. Which reminds me, I need to back up my files. Hope you're doing all right.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful analogy and testimony. God is so good!


shirley buxton said...

Larry, after I sent you an email and was closing out my computer, up popped this comment space.

Blessings again,

Shirley Buxton

Whitney said...

Hhmmm. I'm sinning as we speak as I covet your laptop! I want wireless internet and a laptop so badly. But, my dear hubby reminds me I'd get nothing accomplished. I'm already glued to this one too much as it is!

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