Sunday, July 16, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

I want to apologize. I have been completely slack in my posting. I have a lot going on. As I recently posted I am back at work full blast. Very tiring, I am no longer headed for the couch in the early afternoon. I go all day now.

Also my wife and I are also getting ready to move! Yea! We have been staying with my parents since my surgery. It has been a safe haven here but it is time to get back to the real word.

Our mortgage company found us our dream house. It is a huge home in a great neighborhood. Lots of trees, yards, and rooms. A little large for us but perfect. God has answered our prayers. I'll post pictures of it sometimes next week. This has been my other time killer, getting the house ready tomove in. We have been cleaning and painting. There is only so much I can do. I still can't lift more than five pounds and I still can't bend very well. (I'm really not supposed to bend at all.) Thank God lots of men at our church have offered to move us.

One true test of a pure friend is one who will help you move. This would be twice in six months guys from church have moved us. We are so blessed. I wanted to let all of you know, my posting may be sporadic for the next two weeks but once we are settled I will be back on schedule. We will always consider our home to be a house of the Lord. To be used as He sees fit. It will always be his.

It couldn't have happened without lots of prayer.



Anonymous said...

I wish you all God's best with your move.



Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry, I wondered if you were all right. Glad you posted. And you are so right that only true friends will help you move. Others vanish into the woodwork. We once had friends swap our car for the camper for a month so we could move. Talk about friends.

Anonymous said...

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