Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Up, down. Up down. You know it is really cool that I finally know what I'm dealing with in my Life. I recognize the cycles of mania and depression.

Stuff makes sense now. Changes will have to be made. Commission sales may not be the best thing for me anymore.

What to do? I have been praying for The Lord to open another door for me. Stability would be a good thing.

I am coming to a crossroads. Which way do I go?

God will tell me. If I shut up and listen.


DeadMule said...

You'll be in my prayers, dear brother. Love, Helen

Mandylea said...

Larry-boy....welcome to the "wonderful" world of bipolar. The upside is that with proper medication and therapy, you can live a "normal" life and function just like a person w/out the disorder lives...CRAZY. Just kidding. I know you read my blog so you see, I hope, that bipolar is managable. You will learn how to live with it and not suffer from it. That is my prayer for you.

love ya---

Larry said...

Suffering isn't the issue. I am happy to put a name to what the heck has been going on with me forever! The meds have been tremendous. My life wasn't managable before, I think it is now.

Thanks for your prayers!


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