Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Ahh Spam! Is it fried? Baked with jelly on top? Or is it that annoying stuff that clogs your email no matter how many times you block?

What a great name for email adverts. Nobody really knows what or where the original Spam comes from and it is kinda hard to know where this email stuff comes from as well.

Don't get me wrong, I like spam. Fried and dipped in mustard. Baked with grape jelly on top... Hey, don't knock it till you have tried it. I also like chocolate cake and a glass of buttermilk with salt in it. Oops, I probably scared all my readers away with that one.

But this email spam is pretty annoying.

I only wish I could get that money from Abu Mbinki the poor widower who could be rich If I could just give him my banking info. Man if I could only collect half of the laptops and Ipods I'm offered I could open my own electronics store. How about opening a pharmacy? Dude, what about the stock tips? Busting the Dow wide open, man what a dream! Free theme park tickets, Motorola Razrs. Wow, spam offers so many incredible opportunities! I'm not even going into the dating ones or the natural male.... Ahh never mind.

I think I'll just stick with the one in the can.


P.S. I am working on my thinking blogger awards.


Mandylea said...

Your warped sense of humor is really starting to show throug. You must be on lithium for your bipolar!!!!

As for SPAM...can we say GROOOSSSS. And you gotthe chocolate cake thing all wrong too. You bake it with cyane (sp??) pepper in the batter along with crushed red peppers. Then when you eat it put some Tabasco on it or serve with vanilla ice cream and fruit salsa (mango works best)

Tabasco goes with ANYTHING

Carol said...

I remember having fried Spam as a kid(we were poor) and liking it, but I would not touch the stuff now(unless there was absolutely nothing else to eat).

Real ham, not Spam.


Larry said...

Uhm pepper and cake? Not lithium lol, Lamectil. Or something like that. Ya know what though? I am feeling a whole lot better. Praise God.

Hah! Carol I like real ham too.


DeadMule said...

Hi Larry, Like Carol, my mother made food out of Spam. She fried it and baked it. And we ate it. But YUK-O! Not me. I no eat Spam.

shirley buxton said...

Hi, Larry. Love this post. We ate Spam when I was a child, and when Jerry and I were first married. Fried, not with jelly on top. That sounds awful.

Once I had my nephew Dean over for dinner and we had fried Spam. At home, he raved about Aunt Shirley's cooking.

"What did she serve?" his mom wanted to know.

"I don't know. It was delicious and kind of square."

His mom called me wanting to know what I had served, and we giggled together when I told her it was Spam.

I haven't had any in a long time, but I probably still like it. Unfortunately, I like almost everything. I absolutely love chocolate cake with a cold glass of buttermilk. Haven't tried the salt part.

Be well.

Larry said...

Oh yeah Shirley, Shake out some salt on the top after you have filled the glass. You can't beat it.


Mandylea said...

Larry-boy.....you got to be adventourous (sp??) in life and if that means putting hot sauce on chocolate cake with cyanne pepper (sp?) mixed in then so be it. I tried Lamitcal once for a while and it was not for me BUT I have heard incredible strories aobut how wonderful it is for so many ppl. LIthium is what is helping me...literally, thank God

Linda (Lou) said...

I don't eat real ham. SPAM? Ugh. I took some with me to Zambia last summer though, and all "my kids" just loved it when I sliced it and fried it up. I'll be taking it with me again this summer, and I'll remember the jelly thing! I'll bet teenagers would LOVE that! :-)

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