Monday, January 15, 2007


Old man winter blows through Texas. Leaving a frosty wake in his path. Everywhere that is, except the Houston area. Oh to be sure it's cold but wet. I lived in Colorado Springs once, it snowed on Labor Day. When I was a kid my grandaddy Hicks lived in Plainview, Texas. I have pictures of three year old me in the snow. I have friends who go skiing every year who have a blast playing in the wintry mix. Why not me for once?

I'll tell you.
1. It's cold.

2. It burns your skin when it slips down your collar.

3. It causes wrecks (specially when folks have no idea how to drive here)

4. Snow angels? Snowmen? They aren't near as easy to make as it looks.

5. Snowball fights? Too painful.

6. People have heart attacks shoveling snow.

7. When I lived in North Carolina I had to crawl into my car through the hatchback. (the doors were froze shut.)

These are just a few. I could go on but why should I?

I will just live vicariously through others who like the snow. Then I can see nice pictures and romanticize the cold from a distance.



Anonymous said...

keep warm!!
In Jesus
Maria in the UK

Carol said...

I'm all for enjoying snow vicariously too. I grew up in Chicago, so I have had my fill of snow. We take a trip up to Tahoe once a year, so the kids can enjoy some snow, while I enjoy sitting around a fireplace and playing games with other family members that enjoy the great indoors!



shirley buxton said...

Hey, Larry, and Carol. Thought you guys were tough.

Larry said...

I am till snow goes down my collar!


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