Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Light in the Storm

Hope you like the new format! I finally took the plunge and updated. You know how it is, we in recovery sometimes fear change.

I thought I would take a moment to reflect and share a bit of my recent experience detoxing off of the poison I was on for so long.

I must warn you, my journaling skills were not up to snuff.

God's promise: "I will give you back your health again and heal your wounds." Jeremiah 30:17 TLB

December 26th, 2006

This sux! This totally Sux! Detox Sux! I ache, my fingertips feel like they are going to pop off. I have to run to the bathroom every five minutes. I miss my family. It's too quiet in my room, they took my IPOD. I am not a person who likes to be alone with my own thoughts! I just want to heal, detox and leave! I love all the people who called today to check on me. (Before I checked in.) Ok too achy will write later.

December 27th, 2006

Ok, today is a bit better (meds kicking in) I did not sleep well last night. I had weird dreams, tossed and turned and went to the bathroom a lot. I prayed a lot when I couldn't sleep in all pretty miserable. They came in at 6 am and took blood. Shortly there after they gave me meds, vitamins and clonidine. Yesterday they gave me a clonidine patch to put on my shoulder. I went and had breakfast. I really didn't talk to anyone takes too much energy. I am very tired. I napped for an hour or so. Best sleep I have had since I got here. I woke up with terrible diarrea. I am totally exhausted. I missed group. Brenda, one of the nurses told me my wife had called. Omgosh I missed her last night and this morning. I came back in my room, started feeling blue and the Lord blessed me with his presence. I was praying, and everthing got still and quiet, I stopped shaking. He told me "I am your Rock, your Shield, your Very Present help in time of need." I cried. So I'm waiting here for 11:30 I'm gonna call my wife eat lunch and go to the meeting. I hope I have enough energy. Honesty

These are my exact journal entries. A tad edited, I didn't want to overwhelm anyone with too much personal info.

I have a few more entries I will add later. At times I was so miserable all I could do was pray Isaiah 6 over and over. Holy, holy is the Lord Almighty.

In my darkest hour he was there.

I understand praise in the storm like never before.



Shirley Buxton said...

Well, Larry, I have every confidence that you will succeed with your life; you are a survivor.

Somehow since we met through out blogs I feel a distinct compassion and concern for you. I tell you frankly that tonight when I read your posts, I wept for you, for your soul and for your family. I've talked to my husband about you and we both wish we could personally be with you and minister to you. Perhaps that will happen some day.

Take courage, keep your hand in His hand, never stay down, trust fully in Him and let Him lead you into all truth.

Please, please contact me if ever there is anything Jerry and I can do for you. We have friends in your area, I believe, who also would be willing to help you in your struggle.

Blessings and love in Jesus.

Shirley Buxton

Larry said...

Shirley, You have no idea how your comment touched me. Thank you so much for your wonderful words.

I am so much better thanks to the Grace of God. This whole event has brought me closer to Christ than I ever thought possible. In weakness he is strong!

I have learned not to try to be so self sufficient through this time. If I need you, I will take you up on your offer! One day we will meet I think.

Thanks to both of you


Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry. I left you a comment last night, after you visited my blog, but it vanished into hyperspace, never to be seen again. I am so glad to hear that you are doing better. I know this was hard for you. But the prayers never stopped. Let's keep on praying for each other, my brother.

Larry said...

Thank you Helen.

Anonymous said...

Just having look around again.
In Jesus
Maria in the UK

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