Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wild Kingdom

Sorry to have been slack in posting! I got busy, I isolated. Then I had to go to San Antonio to write business. I hate it when that happens.

At a recent Celebrate Recovery Meeting, (not my own) the person giving the lesson talked about how he loved to watch the Wild Kingdom type shows. Specifically he liked watching the lions take down the water buffalo.

See, waterbuffalo move in herds. As long as they stick together it is very difficult for the lions to break in and take down an animal. If however, a buffalo gets away from the herd they become easy pickings for the lions.

The point beloved, is that us humans are not meant to be alone.

At that point it came to me. Satan is considered to be like a stalking, raging lion ready to devour his prey.

Recovery is really like this. We are safer staying plugged into others. I was really impressed by this. Sunday morning I was telling my pastor about this.

So he begins to tell me he has studied lions. Really? He goes on to say that the only real rival to the lion is, the waterbuffalo! Due to it's size, hooves, horns, and thick skin. Kind of like how the Triceratops was natural rival to the T-rex.

Guess who satan's natural rival is? Humans, he wants to destroy us. We have the defense of our Holy Father. We have only to cry out to him in the Name of Jesus.




Carol said...

Nice post, Larry. satan(I refuse to capitalize his name)is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. When the body of Christ is together in unity,it's much harder for him to attack. God compares his church to a body, not an island. We need each other!

shirley buxton said...

You've got it, Larry. Satan is trying for every one of us. We must fool him, stay close to each other, and close to God.

This is a personal invitation to the grand opening of my new blog, God Things. Hope you can come.

Shirley Buxton

Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry. Thanks for visiting my blog. Fellowship with Christians keeps us accountable. We need each other, indeed. God never intended for us to go it alone.

Jesusfreak said...

Hey! I stumbled across your blog today, and I read your post, and I really like what you are doing here. It is so true that satan is after us, and he is like a lion trying to get his prey, and we are his prey, because we are Christians. But, it helps to have the accountiblity of other Christian friends around, to keep you strong for the Lord. God bless!

shirley buxton said...

Larry, I hope you saw that I am depending on you to supply punch and cookies. :)

Shirley Buxton

donna said...

so true..indeed

shirley buxton said...

Hello, Larry.

Trust all is well with you.

Have a blessed day.

shirley Buxton

Anonymous said...

Exactly,he wants to fool us into believing that its okay to mix the occult,man made psychology and Christianity.Then call it recovery.
Youre basically opening the door for satan and putting out a red carpet.

"Fellowship with Christians keeps us accountable." Accountable to who,to them and their beliefs.???Christians have never been so worldly.My bible says that the only person we are accountable to is Christ.

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