Thursday, September 6, 2007

Incarnational Ministry

School is really incredible. I get to learn and be spritually fed at the same time. I have already learned new concepts in ministry that just boggle my mind.

Incarnational ministry is nothing new. I have had snippets of the concept, and in the back of my head had it rolling around but could never make it cohesive. It is still rambling around up there and always will be.

My thoughts so far on what I have learned. Incarnational ministry is what Jesus did. The word becoming flesh. Jesus basically went to the people, he met them where and how they lived.

This is what we should be practicing today except we wall ourselves in to our churches and do "outreach", which is good but, not enough. We are essentially building walls around our comfort zones.

We go to church get our worship and lesson time. Maybe we go wednesday night and have food, fellowship, and fun. We tend to each other's needs spiritually and physically. What about the rest of the world?

Remember, my thinking on this is in the infant stage, and nothing I am saying here is new. I am fleshing out my thoughts. Some of you will say, cool! I never thought of this and some of you will go DUH!

Most churches I have attended or seen operate on a build it or lose it principle. There is always expansion. They construct new gyms, worship centers, nurseries or kidzones. These things are cool and they show that christians can fellowship and have fun outside of this nutty sinful world. However, how does this satisfy the great commandment?

I have no idea. I haven't gotten to that class yet.

Celebrate Recovery is the same. We post flyers, get in the newspapers have events but we are still drawing people not going to them. CR prison ministries do just that but for a lot of local churches it is attraction that brings folks in. Sometimes people bring friends, and we get to fellowship in small groups about our hurts habits and hang-ups. How does this "take it to the streets like Jesus did?

I am not speaking of missions overseas. Most of these brave, called individuals are trained to go amongst the people and cultures of where they are at. (did I just use the word amongst?)

What about here in the great USA?

How do we get to that guy who goes to work, comes home, and plops down in front of the Tv or X-Box? He never sees the light of day.

What about the lost woman who's reason for living is to find companionship that never works out, or the lost who know they aren't, living right but have no idea of an alternative other than Oprah, or Dr. Phil.

It is a culture of self, they see nothing but what is in front of their faces. There is no hope. I know because I lived like this for years. Finding solace in the party that never satisfies.

How do we take it to them?



Andrew said...

You've got some great thoughts there. Solace in the party that never satisifies...very true.

DeadMule said...

See Larry, I told you there are more questions than answers. Keep asking them, and question every pat answer set before you. Pass the tests, sure, but how is being in a school any less "walled in" than being on a church campus? The mission field is the everyday world: People in the doctor's office, the grocery store, at Pop Warner football, the kids in public schools. And what's wrong with Oprah? She not "Christian enough"? For who? Wrestle before God, not with God. Love, Helen

Larry said...

My point about Oprah and Dr.Phil is that people look to them for answers instead of Christ.

Sheesh keep me on my toes why dont you...

Love you Helen

DeadMule said...

Okay, I'll buy it. As long as they shouldn't look to preachers either. Or to Celebrate Recovery. Only to Jesus. Who is everywhere. Question further. There are more questions than answers, Larry. I love you, Larry.

Larry said...

touche helen!

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