Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Toe Bactrim Blues


Ever hurt yourself badly enough that all common sense goes out the window? The kind of hurt that transcends reality?

The devil really uses that eh? After that toolbox drawer fell four feet onto my big toe I let out a string of bad words that you wouldn't believe.

My toe bled a lot and It split the toe-nail in half. Luckily it didn't break and no stitches were required.

Beautiful experience, a trip to the ER. (where's Lou when you need her?) We waited 30 minutes to be triaged, throb throb. Then 45 minutes to go back to room six, throb, throb, burn. 15 minutes to be X-rayed. Then the piece' de resistance a 20 minute soak in some freezing betadine.

I got a wooden shoe, bandages, a scrip for bactrim and a nice limp, oh did mention no school or work today?

Right, no school, playing ketchup. The bactrim is chewing up my stomach. I really thought about writing a song about the whole experience.

(to the tune of your favorite blues song)

I've got the big toe bactrum blues!

Pulled out the drawer
fell on my toes
all full of tools
what pain! and off we goes

I've got the big toe bactrim blues!

I get to the back
I get an x-ray
nothing broken! Hey uh heyyyy!

I've got the big toe bactrim blues!

The nurse scrubbed my toes
in beta-dine
it was so cold!
I lost my mind

I've got the big toe bactrim blues

I got a wooden shoe so i could go home
No bending my toes
gotta get my scrip, bactrim baby!
My stomach is ripped

I've got the big toe bactrim blues

My woman left me! Toe looked so black
She couldn't take it, she lit out for Hackensack
Heya heyyy!

I've got the big toe bactrim blues

(wife didn't really leave, she has done a good job of taking care of me!
no pain pills were involved in the writing of this song)

Thank you and Goodnight!



Linda (Lou) said...

True genius and the best blues songs are born out of pain as your posting clearly shows! :-) Sorry I wasn't there to nuke your betadine so that your toes weren't frozen off! Glad nothing was broken. ELEVATE!!!! :-)

Author said...

You are too much Larry-boy. Glad nothing was broken and hope you are up and at 'em soon.


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