Monday, September 10, 2007

Blah Blah Blah!

Let me preface this post.

This is not I repeat not a bipolar rant! No slide down the ramp here today.

I have the don'ts today. I'll admit it I lollygagged on my homework this weekend and had to stay up late last night to get it done. Got to bed around two am.

The days of me staying up late to do work are gone. I cannot afford to slack.

I am too tired today.

Things that happen when I am tired.
1. Discipline is a real chore. (focus)
2. Yawning way too much.
3. I get touchy, little emotional things become big emotional things.
4. Due to number three I put my wall up. (safety)

I am still adjusting to school and the move. I have not really connected with any friends here yet. It is difficult, I don't live on campus and working prohibits coming to evening events. Sitting alone in chapel and lunch gets tedious after awhile. That's ok though, God knows where I am at and He will provide when it is time.

On the Home Front we joined a church. Compared to First Baptist Atascocita this place is huge. God is really working there.

Friendly Baptist Church, the pastor is wonderful and the folks there are well, Friendly. I will get plugged in as quick as I can.

I also miss my "band of brothers", my best friends whom I have been through the wars with. Talking on the phone isn't the same as hanging out.

See, told you I was touchy.

What are blogs for.



DeadMule said...

Blogs exist so people can leave comments that say, I love you, touchy or not. Helen

Author said...

I highly recommend you find a Celebrate Recovery group soon. This will allow you a group of safe people for you to connect with. Huh....wonder where I have heard that before??????

I know what you mean about trying to get into the swing of things with going back to school. Larry-boy, I feel your pain. BUT, we are so much more mature and smarter and HEALTHIER than we were when we did this as "kids" in college. Keep on keeping on. I am so proud of you.

Ditto to Helen.

Monday Nights, 6-9:30pm
Family Dinner, Large Group, Small Groups, Men's/Women's Step Studies, Solid Rock Cafe
Green Acres Baptist Church
Contact: Bobbie Burks, Marty Kennedy
110 Student Center
1505 Troup Highway Mail to 1607 Troup Highway
Tyler, Texas 75701
email: or


Larry said...


You are a doll. Thank you for your your wise comment and for calling me on my stuff.

You have a great heart.

Just so's you know I have been to green acres four times and the reason I don't go more is because I have to work.

So there! I am however in contact with my accountability partners who pretty much tell me the same thing you are..

God at work

Love ya


Author said...

Glad I can help. Looks like I just might be getting the hang of being a therapist already! ;)

Hope you are doing well and school is going well. Do you have trouble "unwinding" after classes? I know on Thursday nights I just can't sleep b/c my mind is zipping all over the place. Thus a 1am posting.

Larry said...

Who is Author?

Sometimes I do. By the time I get out of school I go to work and get home around ten. I try to go to bed quickly..

However I end up studying till late.

Author said...

Author = Mandylea

Sorry about that Larry-Boy but for whatever reason blogger does not show my name. NOt sure what is going on.

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