Friday, September 14, 2007


Jesus said, we are to love one another. Therefore like Him we must serve one another.

If you have a servants heart it is pretty easy to serve at church, school and the community.

What about at home?

Sadly, I find myself lacking in this department. Remember the post I shared about being selfish?

Selfish with time, and labor for the most importants in my life. I have gotten better but there is still room for improvement especially since there are nine of us living together in a cracker box.

My wife works all day comes home and finds herself having to do things she shouldn't have to. Where am I? Not picking up the slack as I should.

I am commited to fixing it.

I start out with a bang but I find my staying power stinks. I pray for the discipline to maintain the "surge".

Home is where the heart is.

Keep it sacred


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Shirley Buxton said...

Hi, Larry. Haven't followed your blog too closely lately, and one of the things I missed were your words on selfishness. When I read this post today, I felt I should jump in and encourage you to act on that part of you which urges you to "pick up the slack."

Your wife has been through a lot, I expect. Treasure her and your children. I'm glad for your schooling, but I want to remind you that God's order for our lives--as I understand it--is this:

1st God
2nd Our family
3rd Church

other things follow these.

I understand, though, that to get a person through school after a family is in place calls for sacrifice from everyone, and maybe I have this all wrong today. If so, just ignore me...and forgive me. Recall that I am 69 and sometimes old people have to be indulged. :)

Since following your life a little over the past year or more, I recognize that you have come a long ways, and I don't want in any way to discourage you. Just a little check might be in order.

I wish you well, and that every blessing God has in store will flow over you and your family.

Truly caring,

Shirley Buxton

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