Monday, February 5, 2007

How Great is Our God

How Great is Our God? How mighty! How complicated, How indescribable?

Our CR group went to see Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman here in Houston Saturday night.

What a great show! It met and exceeded all expectations. Three hours of praise and worship with two of the most prolific christian songwriters. I have never been to a concert where I literally knew the words to every song sung!

A man named Louie Giglio spoke too. I had never heard of him before and wow what a talk he gave.

I'm going to break it down a bit. As best I can.

The name of the talk of course was How Great is Our God. Fitting since that is the name of the concert tour.

Psalms 33:6 The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the Word and all the stars were born.

Another translation is that God Breathed the stars.

Louie then compared the earth to the sun in size. The gist was that in comparison the earth is a golf ball compared to the sun.

He went on to compare other, even bigger stars to the size of the earth like Canis Major (the dogstar).

In other words beloved, these stars that he breathed, or spoke into existance were huge!

When scientists pointed the Hubble Telescope into the black hole in the center of the milkyway galaxy this was the picture.


Then to show the intricacy of God and how perfectly he designed us Louie broke it down to the sub-atomic peptides called laminin. Laminin is the foundational glue that hold our cells together.
No matter how awesome He is. Despite all He has done and will do. He loves us no matter what. He loves us so much that He gave us His Son as Sacrifice for our sins.
How Great Is Our God Indeed!



carol said...

Yes, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I like all the cool pictures you put in this post.



Larry said...

Thank you Carol. Hope you have a blessed day!


Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry. Great post.

Jesusfreak said...

So right! We serve an AWESOME God!


Jack Mercer said...


Loved this post. I love science, and wondered if you have ever looked into "string theory." The reason I ask, is that the theory essentially breaks down as everything in existence is a series of carefully woven harmonics--what is interesting about that is that the Bible says:

"And God said..."

God spoke an the universe came into existence. String theory!!

God bless, Larry--


Larry said...

I have heard of string theory. I don't understand anything about it but, I have heard of it.

Thanks Jack


Joseph Sapulich said...
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Joseph Sapulich said...

I was at the concet and was blown away with the information about Laminin. More people should know about this. Thank you for sharing.

Angie said...

one minor correction: The picture of the Black Hole is the center of the Whirlpool Galaxy, not the Milkyway.

Happy Blogging!

Katie said...

It's funny, I was actually looking up that antibody, Laminin, to do some staining on some Rhesus monkey tissue. I'm a born again Christian and absolutely agree with this page. I'm totally stoked that it's on the web and people in my field of work may come across it. I hope it touches lives. God bless and keep it up!

Larry said...

Katie, God works in mysterious ways eh?

And posts!


Laura-Marie Jansen said...

Hiiii Larry!!!

So I am one of those Christians people like to call "lukewarm". Or let me put it differently... I used to be.

I am from South Africa and I am currently in my final year of school. We have this great teacher that thought it fitting to show us the two Louie Giglio DVD'S.

When I saw the "How great is our God" one, I was sooooo blown away! It made me realise that all the things we worry about everyday, is SO incredibly useless! If we are "but a vapour" then what are our worries? NOTHING!

Thank you SO much for doing a post about this! I wish I could show the dvd to EVERYONE. They won't be able to resist being blown away! I would like to repost your blog on my own blog, do you mind? Please let me know!

Laura-Marie Jansen

Larry said...

Laura, thank you for you compliments. I am happy that you are finding "The Way".

You may absolutely post this to your blogsite. I hope more will read it and have the same reaction you did.


Anonymous said...

Mimas looks like the death star, so I guess God is dark vader. And since the 30 Doradus nebula is giving us the finger, I guess he is flipping us off for some reason. All this really seems like to me is a Rorschach test, sort of like the end of life dreams where what you see is dependent on what you expect to see. *shrugs* Regardless of the why and wherefore of it however, we can all agree it is intrinsically bueatiful. But just as a picture is worth more than words, understanding enhances beauty through detail.

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