Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Child-Like Work Out

K, little personal update. Life has been going well. January was a struggle along with half of February.

I have been struggling with depression. Probably because my brain was freaking out from all the changes. Coming off the pills etc. I had been taking an anti-depressant since October. After I got out of the hospital in December it quit working. I wasn't sure what was going on. I had also been gaining a big ol chunk of weight in a small amount of time. I mean like two waist sizes.

Hello! turns out the anti-depressant can cause weight gain. Nice, anyway I chunked em'. I figured since they weren't working anyway what did I have to lose? (disclaimer, this doesn't mean you should stop taking yours without checking with your Doc.)

I have been getting better each day since stopping. I am motivated again. I can actually make it out the door each day excited about working.

Now that I am not so out of it, I have been biking again and trying to get back in shape. Saturday I actually leaned over and stretched into touching my toes for the first time since my the car wreck. Pretty cool eh? I was excited!

Everyday now I try to get home early enough to bike ride with my daughter. Yesterday we rode for two hours. Today we did the same except we hit muddy trails. Fun, fun.

Anyway we ended up at a little playground and jumped off our bikes. Then it hit me, when I was a kid I was always going. I was always in shape, so I decided I would follow her around and do what ever she did. If nothing else she'd get a kick out of it. Oh my gosh, up the ladders down the slides, round the corners, up the rock wall. I even rode the springy horse thingy (for guys I don't recomend this one, too painful.) I chased her around for thirty minutes and then we had a dirt fight. What a blast, for me and her.

Thank God I am getting closer to where I was physically before the wreck. I am ecstatic that all the stuff I have been through has done nothing but improve my relationship with Christ, and made me a much better person. I give him mighty praise for what I have learned since October 10th 2004.

Jeremiah 30, 17 I will give you back your health and heal your wounds.

Not only has he restored my body but my mind as well.
He will yours too. Whatever the issue.



donna said...

Praise The Lord !!
May Your healing continue

Larry said...

Thank you Donna.

Linda (Lou) said...


Sounds like a GREAT day...

So glad to hear that you continue to heal, in all realms.

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