Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life, Annoying Ain't It?

O my gosh, is there anything more frustrating than helping an add kid to do a book report? Especially when it is their first one and they have no idea how to put concepts together?

How about having one of your step kids move back in after they broke up with their boyfriend?

Even better! How about having your other daughter who is over nine months pregnant do nothing but gripe and moan!

Let's not forget the other five girls in the house whining, fighting, and making messes.

AAARRRGHHHH! Kumbaya anyone? Ohmm Ohhmmm Ohhmmmm, incense?.

Let us not forget my part in this. I have been calm, cool and collected right?

Whatever dude! I have added to this chaos by repeatedly going from zero to 60 in like a nano-second every 20 minutes or so. I'm as regular as old faithful.

Serenity prayer? Forget it. Call my sponser? too aggravated. Leave the house for a bit? Wife already did. (smart girl) So I'm Stuck.

Oh well, deep breath. Ahhhh, it'l do in a pinch. Thank God I don't do like I used to do. Smoke, drink, use drugs.

I am truly blessed that my worst days now are so much better than my best day was back then.

What is that love is patient verse?

Life is good.



Helen Losse said...

Hang in there, Larry.

Larry said...

No worries'



Linda (Lou) said...

Oh man! :-) Sounds pretty crazy at your house! Glad you're finding the humor in it. (You're gonna be a grandpa? You look like you're about 25 in your avatar!)

Larry said...

Just turned 38. I feel like I am going down hill fast. The beauty of step-kids.

Being a young grandpa has it's advantages.

I can bounce her on my knee and still remember what I had for lunch!


Jen said...

Hold on, Larry!

Psalms 34:19

God Bless,


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