Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer Swelt!

Oh my gosh! Could it possibly get any hotter down here in Houston? I know it's not any hotter than it was last year (in fact it was hotter) but each August it always feels like the hottest August ever. Houston's legendary humidity doesn't help either. You ever see those cartoons where the elevator goes up real fast? The cartoon characters are smeared on the floor in a pool. Thats the way it feels when you walk out the door first thing at 7:30am. Thank God, fall is around the corner.

Got to catch up a bit. Yesterday was my daughter and my day. She has been asking me to take her to Pirates of the Carribbean Two. So I did, and it was great! Highly enjoyable. A great swashbuckling adventure Errol Flynn style, funny too.

We went to the mall right after church and found we had two hours to kill before the show. So we go window shopping. She looked so pretty, I kept thinking while we were walking that this was one of those moments to be enjoyed. One of those times that won't come again. A time to look back on. A movie montage.

We strolled into the Limited Too kid's clothing store. Of course it is The cool store for nine year olds to 12 year olds. We come to a rack and see the clothes dummy on top with a cool outfit. She likes it so I get help from the store clerk to figure out the sizes for me. ( I am clueless)
She picks out a skirt, top, vest, scarf, stretchy pants and matching hat. We go back to the dressing room, she tries it on ala pretty woman. A beautiful father daughter moment that will last through the ages right? What ever.

She wanted to wear the stuff out. I was the cool dad, "sure I said, no problem". She is beaming ear to ear and posing at every mirror. The clerk rings us up and gives the total, $156.83. Talk about a comical moment, I take you back to the cartoon, where the character is frightened silly and makes a big gulp swallow. That was me, I liked to have died. I figured I was at about 65 bucks or so. I couldn't even imagine those clothes would cost that much. What could I do? I was stuck over the barrel. No escape. Frozen grin plastered to my face I hand over my debit card. The store girl had to use her nail file to pry it from my fingers.

It was a beautiful moment, priceless and frozen in time forever. I will never hear the end of it. Lexie had no concept of what I had done. No concept of how much I had just spent. My wife knew, and my debit card is now at the bottom of the shredder like so much confetti.

Thank God I had the money



Helen Losse said...

Wow Larry. The way you tell the story is funny, although the figure is a shocker. Hope you're doing well, other than having to eat beans for a month now.

Mandylea said...

2 Movie tickets: 14.00
1 REALLY COOL outfit: $156.00
1 REALLY COOL Dad: Priceless

BTW...I think there is nothing COOLER than dads who spend time with their daughter (or son) and get as much if not more out of the experience than the child.

Jen said...

Wow...that first picture is crazy!!! lol

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