Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Day Off

I have written the last few weeks about how busy we have been moving. Moving, getting ready to move etc. I took a little bit of pride last week that I took Sunday off from church because I was "tired". I used the same excuse when I bailed out from church Wednesday night. "I need a break" I said. "I need to catch up on my rest".

I had a terrible week this week. Financially it was wonderful. Closed a big account and made some money. Mentally, spiritually? Terrible. I was disconnected and miserable Monday through Friday. That is until Last night when I stepped up on the stage to lead our Celebrate Recovery members in praise and worship. As soon as we started singing, the bad week melted away.

It is funny how the devil leads us away isn't it? Of course in my past I just stayed away. No worries, I just didn't have a clue. He didn't have to do much. I was right where he wanted me.
Nowadays in my recovery I have a good relationship with my savior. I am fully aware of when I sin. I confess and repent pretty quickly now.

It's usually the little stuff that gets me now. Your tired, stay home. Take a nap, take it easy. Riggght. Next thing I know I am in a bad place and miserable. If I am not carrying out his plans for me I am right back where I used to be. And that, I cannot afford.

My Day off, My day of rest, is in my Fathers House.


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