Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Is it me? Have we gotten to the point in this country where everything has to be political? I am so sick of it I could puke. I hate the fact that there is no common ground between right and left anymore. This is dangerous for our country. And let me tell you why.

I am a conservative. I totally frustrated with the Bush administration. I keep thinking they are going to get their head out of their rear-ends and start communicating what the heck they are doing. Clean up their mistakes, and take the gloves off in Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

The left offers me no alternative but to continue to vote for the same stuff. There is no alternative. Who am I going to trust national security to? Hillary? Biden? Murtha? Dean? Who! The democrats in this country have screamed wolf so long and so loud about Bush that there is nothing there. And if something really sinister was going on who would believe it? Bush can't even go to the bathroom without something being said.

I want an alternative. You disagree on Iraq? Offer me a solution. A real solution. Same goes with Iran. Quit ragging on us for being Christians, quit finding excuses to kill babies, quit trying to take away our freedoms, (prayer in school, ten commandments) Quit jamming alternitive lifestyles down our throats, and you just might win an election again.

I don't buy the fact that republicans are going to lose this fall. The chance of electing irresponsible people who treat our national security like it's no big deal? We won't stand for it.


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Mandylea said...

You know Larry, it isn't good to hold things in. :) Just kidding. I think you make some very valid points. As for Iraq, Iran, etc... my point of view is that we are there and we MUST finish the job --- unfortunatly war is not nice and neat and clean. Innocent people do die, but isn't that what happened in the Revolutionary War fought here that we are all ok with???? (I hope that statement made since) Ok, back to my point...I say Bush needs to tell the "powers that be" that they have 48 hours to get ALL of our troops out, that all media and anyone other Americans over there have 48 hours to get the heck out of dodge and here is how to do it. Then at 48 hours and 1 minute blow the HE>> out of any country who harbors terrorists or would be terrorists against America. Surely we would get Binladin (sp?) then. We have to put our money where our mouth is and not only grow some kahoonas but be ready to SHOW those kahoonas!!!

I am a Republican and proud of it...but as I have gotten older and have a family to consider with my vote I must admit that I do pay more attention to the stand politicans take on certain issues....abortion, prayer in public places, traditional marriage/family, etc... BUT more important that being a Republican or Democrate or whatever else someone claims to be (green party, indpendant, etc) is really putting your words into action. No vote, no say!!!!!! I cannot stand for someone to run their mouth and then NOT VOTE. That is like buying a gym membership, never going to the gym, and then whining that you haven't lost any weight.

So much for my soap box.

Love ya....

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