Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Driven to Distraction

A subtle change has come over my study life the last couple of weeks.
Didn't notice it for a bit. But finally I think I have caught onto it.
Before the move I had work, a bit of play and then home to the folks house with the bedroom upstairs. Once my wife and I were ensconced on our second story perch, the sequence of events went like this. Bible study, Blogging then Bed. Sometimes Lisa and I would throw in a movie for variety. A little boring but not too bad. A nice routine. One of the things I have discovered in blogging is, it isn't easy to come up with good stuff to write about every day. However at the folk's house, not many distractions. We stayed upstairs to give mom and dad space.

Come the move, come the new house, come the big screen, distractions galore. I have adhd enough as it is. Throw all the other stuff in such as unpacking, organizing rooms and fixing the new place up, guess what? Quality blogging pops the drivers side air bag.

I know there are more important things to be concerned about but it's been on my mind. I thought I owed an explanation.

Got my routine down now.

No more worries



Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry. Every time we change what we are doing, we have to adjust to it. Come to think of it, we do a lot of adjusting in life. Good to hear what you're up to at any rate. I'm sure you'll get a routine worked out soon.

Larry said...

One of these days.

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