Friday, October 26, 2007

Simply Simpatico

Oh lord, when something like this gets started it is tough to reign in.

When I was a kid we used to play dogpile. Who ever picked up the foot ball, the entire neighbor hood would tackle him and pile on.

This is happening today, and it is like a demented freight train, half derailed, and half still moving forward until it all collapses on one Bobby Caina Calvan. Bobby is a reporter for the Sacremento Bee who recently found himself in Iraq, after today he probably wishes Al Queda had kidnapped him.

You must read Bobby's blog entry, and then the comments before it was shut down.

Two warnings,

One, the blog entry is disgusting enough as it is but nothing offensive other than Mr. Calvan's boorish behavior.

Two, some of the comments to his blog post are vulgar so forwarned is forearmed. You adults out there should read it no matter what, rarely do we ever get to see a meltdown of these proportions.

I'll spruce this post later, for now enjoy. Simpatico, Bobby Caina Calvan.


1 comment:

docweasel said...

Thanks for the link.

I've exchanged a good number of emails back and forth with Mr. Calvan and he does seem like a decent person, he just screwed up and then blogged about it.

He's reposted his blog, he copy/pasted his own post from the the version I saved and reposted it (he had deleted his entire blog, so he had to go to my page to recreate his own post) and he's re-opened comments, plus he made a new post admitting he now realized his behavior was asinine and apologizing, so he deserves credit for that.

However, LGF has posted questions about the veracity of his reporting in Iraq and Dan Riehl has some evidence that seems to indicate Mr. Calvan padded his resume at the SacBee, so he's not immune to all criticism from here on out just because he apologized for the post in question.

I have some follow-up posts about this stuff on my blog, plus an unsolicited email defending Calvan from a fellow reporter from the SacBee and some of Calvan's emails.

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