Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Future Shock

Since beginning school I have been exposed to new ideas, new concepts.
When I arrived at LeTourneau my mind was set on what I wanted to do when I graduated.
We are now at midterms and my mission seemingly has transformed.
I am no longer sure if being a Celebrate Recovery pastor is the future.
There, I said it. Its out there in the open. Have I grown past it, or does God want me on a different track?
I have two choices right now.
One, to participate in a CR step study at my new church, with the ultimate goal of beginning a new Celebrate Recovery at the church. Safe, comfortable, been there done that. When I first arrived here it is what I wanted. (notice how I said "what I wanted."
Two, there a huge number of witnessing type things offered by LeTourneau student missions. On of them is to a halfway house for men in recovery. This is an actual go to em and spread the Gospel. I have always wanted to do it, but have always been tentative, like a puppy going through a semi-open door.
I won't have time for both, school and work overwhelm me as it is. So, I have a decision to make, safe and comfortable in my lazy boy, or taking the plunge out of my zone.
Praying will help stimulate my decision. Pray for me to gain the wisdom of what to do.
I know what I want, I need to make sure it is what He wants.


DeadMule said...

I'll be praying with you, Larry. "Thy will be done." Love, Helen

Author said...

God will lead you.

BTW...what is the step study that CR uses?


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