Saturday, October 6, 2007

Christians and Politics

What place do Christians have in politics?

Is it something we should even mess with? As I grow closer in my walk with God, and learning more about Jesus I am inclined to view the world differently. I am forced to take a second look to ideals I have held for years. I have viewed the world with a conservitive lens for as long as I can remember.

In high school we had representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties visit our economics class. I grilled the heck out of the Democrat. How can you be for abortion? How can you be against SDI, the strategic defense initiative, otherwise know as star wars? My parents affected me sure, but most of my values are common sense to me.

How do Christian values play out in all of this?

I believe homosexuality is a sin, it's wrong. Why however, are certain groups wasting all this time and money to battle the "gay" agenda? Who is witnessing and showing them God's love? When I came back to Christ I had a major past to get over. When I honestly repented the holy spirit began the sanctification process. God won't work that way with gays? Why send missions to Africa, how about San Francisco? Is sodomy worse than the preacher having an affair with the church secretary?

Jesus preached to the poor and the despised. What about illegal aliens swarming over the border? Who is witnessing to them?

What about athiests and the left? Why are we debating and fighting? Who is praying and witnessing to them? A lot of athiests and agnostics went to churches where the pastor was sleeping with the church secretary. Who is showing them the real love of Christ?

Where are todays Peter's and Paul's?

What ever happened to hate the sin love the sinner? Pray for our enemies? The great commandment?

Just some stuff rattling around in my head.




Shirley Buxton said...

Okay, I'm hearing you, Larry, and thinking that, as Christians, politics will not be our main thrust in life. But since politics so affect my life, and those of my children, my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, how can I not be concerned with the selection of leaders and the passing of laws. As in everything, balance is the crucial issue.

Please, let us not as conservatives become so discouraged and confused that we throw up our hands and let liberal and even ungodly thinking and methods become the accepted way here in our great country.

I'm saddened that you have been disappointed by church leadership, but you must always remember that pastors and other ministers are mere men, and as such, they face temptations as do all humanity.

Be encouraged by considering great men of the Bible and their considerable faults and failures. Yet, most of them recognized their error, repented, and were forgiven.

Be strong, be courageous. Lead your family into righteousness and godliness.

Shirley Buxton

Larry said...

I am not discouraged Shirley, and I am not saddened by church leadership.

My point is that we have so many lost people out there that we seem to prefer battling instead of taking the Gospel and the Love of Christ to.

What if Focus on the family took some of their money and used it to fund a few "Pauls and Peters" to go into liberal land to spread the Good news?

Sin is sin no matter who commits it. It is all the same. I am one the worsts of sinners.

Jesus preached and loved the despised. Where would he be today? Who are the despised in our society?

I just think we get so caught up in defending this and that, we miss the real thing. Taking the love of Christ to the despised.

DeadMule said...

What on earth makes you think liberals are unsaved, Larry?

Larry said...

Uhg! Not all of them,

Ok, let me rephrase Helen. Anyone who needs the Gospel wherever they are.

CA etc.

You won't let me get away with anything will you?

I am not going to say anything more. You and I are the same but we speak a different language.

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