Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Keepin' It Real

So, how real do you keep it when blogging? Are we shiny plastic people? Or do we lay it all out on the line?

Some blogs I have perused are vile, full of hatred and anger, an 80's punk show flyer. Show us how you really feel eh?

How far do you go with personal angst and agony? Do you name names or protect the not so innocent? I know when I finally finish my autobiography I'm not pulling any punches.

Fortunately I am doing another fith step Thursday with my sponsor. I also have therapy an hour before. So I'll be getting some needed processing done this week.

It seems I am never to escape family drama. No matter what I do it'll allways be there. God grant me the serenity etc. I feel like the elderly Michael Corleone. "No matter what I do they pull me back in!" It affects me down to my core.

When I was a kid things could be tough at times. (I am still being too chicken to keep it real here) I have bent over backwards to not make those mistakes with my girls. I never want them to feel as I did and still do. I don't get why my family doesn't do the same.
To accept the things I cannot change. I feel like I am taking crazy pills wait, oh yeah, I am.
If you can't tell I am very frustrated as I write this post. I wanna keep it much more real but the shiny won't come off just yet. My codependency still abounds I guess.



ellen said...


Thought provoking - hmmm - I find that I am much more able to keep it real about myself than about those around me, but then again is it really really to hold myself under a microscope I would almost never put anyone else under. My vast lulls in blogging generally occur when "keeping it real" about other things in my life would shatter who I think I am. and yet I ramble. Thanks, Larry!

DeadMule said...

Larry, is it okay if I don't have a clue what you are talking about? Spit it out, if you want to make it real. Helen

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