Thursday, July 10, 2008

3 AM Conviction

recently I have been plagued by a new phenomenon, insomnia. Work is going well but I don't usually get home till midnight. By the time I wind down enough to go to bed its two in the morning.

No biggie, I take a nap before I go to work and I feel fine.

Simple, except that lately I crawl in bed, doze for a bit, and then I am wide awake.

Sermons start rattling around in my head like a deranged pinball bouncing off of colorful lights. Ping ping, I toss, ping ping, I turn. ARRRGH!

It has occurred to me over the last few days that this is the only time My ADHD brain is still enough to know God.

So, I am guessing I need an outlet, and since I have no pulpit as yet, this blog will have to suffice. I have been negligent in posting because to be honest, I have not been inspired. Well, it seems I now have inspiration in spades.

After tonight I will begin posting the three am chronicles, Whatever Is rattling around in my head that keeps me awake will now be post fodder for my blog.

I'm thinking along the lines of Field of Dreams If I post it, readers will come, and the message he wants out there will be read.

I am under no illusions that all of my best posts were inspired by God, and that for the last several months or so I have not been listening very well.

So welcome to Hallelujahs, 3 am Chronicles or messages or whatever catchy title I can come up with.


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