Saturday, December 22, 2007

How Long?

How long must we endure this inane election?

Republicans, Democrats, its the same ole garbage. Politics as usual. Milque toast politics at that.

Huckabee fighting the "establishment" yet hiring the "establishment" to run his campaign.

And tell me again why Oprah or Chuck Norris will set me on fire for their candidate? Will Oprah give me a car if I vote for Obama? Will Chuck give me some free excercise equipment?

Obama, running as the outsider, promises to bring change, yet brags about having more Clinton advisors than Hillary.

Hillary is promising everything but the kitchen sink.

Goofballs like Alan Keyes running with no hope of ever being elected. I would include Biden in this category as well.

I honor John Mccain's heroic service and surviving horrendous conditions in a Vietnamese prison camp but does it qualify him to be President?

Same thing with Hillary, she is going to fight for change yet is running on her experience of eight years of making all of Bill's decisions.

And what is the deal anyway with Huckabee and Romney trying to out religion every one?

I have not seen enough of Guliani and Thompson to offer an opinion because all I hear about is Huckabee's floating cross.

This has to be the most annoying Presidential election since I began voting in 1988.

Why would any decent human being ever subject themselves to this process? Oops, of all things politicians are accused of I don't think that is one of them.

We are going to have to hold our nose and vote this year no matter what party we belong to.



DeadMule said...

The campaigning is too long to hold my interest, but name-calling. glittering generalities? Larry, did you take general psychology yet?

Larry said...

ROFL, You never will cut me any slack will you Helen.

I love you


DeadMule said...

No Larry. It's cause I love you.

Author said...

I actually love election time. I was a political science major in college.


DeadMule said...

Merry Christmas, Larry.

Author said...

Regarding your last post to me...I am ready for class to start back. I don't go back until 1/15.


Lou said...

Actually, in a recent speech, I believe I heard Hillary promise "a sink in every kitchen"! :-)

Happy New Year to you and your family, Larry!

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