Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to the Real World

Oh, My, Gosh.
I am back in the real world.

It seems I have led quite the sheltered life these last few years. I have been so wrapped up in Church and Celebrate Recovery, School and working at a church that I have forgotten how twisted the world really is.

Now that school is out I am working at a popular Mexican food restaurant here in Tyler.

My first day on the job, and almost every word from my co-workers is a plethora of F-bombs and worse.
My trainer and several others are openly gay. Tales of drinking bouts and sexual conquests seem to be the topic of conversation almost all of the time.
I cannot help but be reminded of my old life before coming back to Jesus. I also have to be careful, because when I get tired my old language, and way of thinking seem to bubble to the surface.
This is how Paul must have felt around the Corinthians.
It is ok though. When asked by the Pharisees why he was hanging around the dregs of society, Jesus told them that the healthy don't need a doctor, the sick do.
I have to figure out how to be a witness.

What a slippery slope eh?
I have been really studying how to be in the world but not of it.

I remember how empty my life was when I lived like there was no tomorrow.

I can't help but think the same for my co-workers.
Please pray for God to open doors for me to share.
And to keep me safe.



c.w. goad said...

Stumbled onto your page. I'll be praying for you. Just remember that Jesus is with us in this scary real world.


Larry said...

Thank you, Sorry to get back to you so late.

Thank God he is.

I could not do it without Him.

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