Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Again

Oh man, what an awesome day. Seventy something degrees, the wind gusting to twenty miles per-hour, and crystal clear sunshine on a poofy cloud day.

I to want walk barefoot in the fresh grass, and just sit with the sun in my face.

I praise God for the life giving sunshine and the renewing of my spirit.

Each year there comes a time for me when when I realize, winter is over, Spring is here, and there is no more seasonal depression.

Winter gives me the blahs.

Like electroshock therapy, last year's traumas are magically wiped away. Fortunately. I get to retain most of my personality.


1 comment:

Lou said...

I'm sorry to see winter go, but glad that your "blahs" are to be a thing of the past! :-)

It's spring here, too. The trees are getting that grey-greeny haze they get before all the leaves explode out. I think they're waiting to make sure that winter is really gone!

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