Friday, December 11, 2009

Schools Out, For Now

YaY! School is out, for now. I do not have to go back until January 11th. This has been a tough semester. I took fewer hours, however, there were many personal distractions. Plus, I have been working a lot of hours.

Praise God for getting me through.

My project for the next thirty days or so is to work on my Greek. By far it has been my toughest subject. I missed a few classes and it put me behind quite a bit. I never really caught up. As Dr. Hood told us last year, "missing one day is like missing a week." How True that is.

So, I am committing myself to working an hour a day translating the rest of First John. To hold myself accountable I am going to share what I learn each day with you.

We are also home schooling my rampantly ADD daughter. Since I have ADHD as well, it has been as challenging as a possum licking dirt out of a hair oil bottle (my fathers favorite metaphor, I have always wanted to use it).
Good Times!



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