Saturday, August 25, 2007

Long Week's Journey Into Next Week

It is official, I am a college student at 38 years old.
No biggie, lots of people older than me go back to their education.

For some reason this has been a dream. I have been waiting for the rug to jerked out from under me. Sorry no financial aid. You can't come here, go home.
When signed for my books I totally knew it was going to happen. Can you believe $607 dollars for books?
Thursday I signed into the school and got my time for picking my classes the next year.
Let me tell you I felt like I was in a sea of twelve year olds. No disrespect intended. They seemed so young! I did not see anyone enrolling that looked have my age. Not that I'm really old but wow, I managed to be just a tad self concious.
Friday was better. I met my academic advisor he helped me to decide which classes to take. I'm doing 15 hours. Schedule is as follows.

Intro to Phychology (Getting to know why I am taking crazy pills.)
Foundation to Christian Ministry (My adviser teaches this class. I like him, score!)
English Comp 1 (I actually get to learn how to write properly. My blogging should improve.)
Intermediate Algebra (My kid brings fractions home and my brain melts.)
Biblical Literature. (Learning how to really really study the bible.)

I go Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Not bad eh?
I think I got a hernia carring my books home from the store. You would'nt believe the calculator they tried to sell me. You have to go to MIT just to learn how to work it. I went with ole trusty. (The one where you actually understand the symbols on it?)
I am nothing but praising God for this opportunity. I have a part time job working at a church, I actually get paid to do what I love!! How cool is that?
Everything is a blessing for me now. The shadow of the last two years seem to finally be fading.

How Great Is Our God indeed!



Mandylea said...

Wow! What a journey. I am so happy for you and so proud of you. 38 is NOT I am 35. : )

Study hard now and take good notes. ;)


Linda (Lou) said...

I am sooooo excited for you! Get yourself one of those packpacks on wheels! :-)

Larry said...

:) I am such a dork, when I moved up here I got rid of the one that came with my laptop.. DOH!!

Mandylea said...

Larry-Boy ---
What you need to do is to get to class real early and sit on the front row. That is where all the "adult learners" always sit so they can suck up to the teacher!!!


DeadMule said...

Larry, I am so excited for you. I know you'll do well. Love, Helen

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