Sunday, November 26, 2006

Journaling for Dummies

What's the deal man?

I am having a hard time getting back into blogging.

Focus is a misty cloud for me these days. Oh for just a bit of clarity.
True joy in anything is hard to come by "right now". I'm not ready to share what is going on. Some of y'all whom I have known awhile could probably put two and two together and come up with quattro. I however am not ready to say four publicly just yet.

Lord, just get me through Christmas and I can deal with it.

I want to share a recent discovery with you. In October our Celebrate Recovery group went to see Mercy Me in Houston. Audio Adrenaline and a guy named Phil Wickham opened.

He and his band are very young, (man, am I that old?) but oh the early 80's influences with modern tech backing their sound is terrific. His vocals are incredible, Even though they had some sound problems his music came through the noise. I downloaded the album off itunes and wow, I have been blown away. He sings love songs to Jesus.

What an incredible relationship he must have spiritually with Christ. I highly recommend getting his music. He sings what I feel but can't express.

I am totally in a desert place right now, Phil's work has helped me to get through.
Go to his website, listen to his stuff. God is really working through this guy.


The Lyrics to Grace, by Phil Wickham

The sky is grey and the light is far
The sea is a rage within my heart
I turn my sight to the crashing waves
I cry in the night just to be saved

I need eyes to be my guide
I need a voice that’s louder than mine
I need hope
I need You Cause I can’t do this alone

Grace I call Your name
Oh won’t Your smile fall over me
I’m cracked and dry on hands and knees
Oh sweet grace rain down on me
I need You grace.
I pray for dawn a new day to live
I pray for mercy only Jesus gives

Though darkness falls and a million cry
I believe over all there’s a greater light shining for us

Come down and save me


Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry, I'll "pray for mercy only Jesus gives" but I'm not doing any adding. Hang in there, brother. And pray for me, too, okay?

Shirley Buxton said...

Larry, when I saw on my blog that you had visited, I was extremely happy, and immediately came over to your site. I have thought of you so much, (have even worried over you)have prayed for you, and talked to my husband and other people about you.

Keep firmly your grasp on Jesus. Lean wholly on Him. If you struggle a bit, let Him pull you up, share His strength, pour His power on you. You CAN make it. It is within you...because of Him.

Love in Jesus

Shirley Buxton

Helen Losse said...

Hi Larry, Listen to Shirley.

Shirley Buxton said...

Checking on you, Larry. Please come by my blog and say, Hi!

Here, because of Jesus.

Shirley Buxton

...dan said...

i saw this was an old post, and you dont know me. but;
Im really having a great time with God, and I was searching around for some good worship. Dont remember how, but i stumbled upon a Mercyme EP with "Grace" on it. At first i thought it was mercyme, but i didnt recognize the voice. So i did a search and ended up here. I really want to check out Phil Wickham, but i cant seem to find him on iTunes. Got an idea? It might be that i live in Norway, i dont know.

Anyway, God bless!

ill find him someday... thanks for pointing him out!

Larry said...

I know there is a way for me to access the european I tunes. You should be able to access the american version. I am not sure how though. You should be able to download his stuff from

Thanks for you post! And good luck!


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